Another Version of Plato’s Cave, The Charming Old Story, Often Told, of the Frog in a Well — We Are the Frog, and Our Tiny Imperfect Limited Perceptions of Reality is the Well of Our Confinement

Baba Ram Singh: “Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj used to tell this story quite often. Once a swan came after a long flight over the seven seas. He came and sat on a tree, which was above a well. So, this swan came and sat on top of that, and there was this frog in the well below this tree. The shadow of this bird was falling on that well below. So, looking at that shadow, the frog looked up and saw this bird perched on that tree, and then it asked this bird who it was.”

So, he said, “I am a swan. I have traveled the seven seas and I have sat on this tree to take some rest. After that, I will travel further.”

So, the frog asked the swan, “What do you mean by ‘the sea’?”

The swan told the frog that, “This is a large mass of water.”

And then, the frog took a small circle within the well, and pointed out and said, “Is it this big?”

So, the swan said, “No, it’s much bigger.”

Then, the frog took a round about half of the well and said, “Is it this big?”

Again, the swan said, “No, it’s much, much larger.”

So, the frog again took a bigger circle, covering about three-fourths of the well, and asked whether it was that big.

So, the swan said, “No, it’s much larger.”

Now, the frog was quite annoyed, and he took a full circle of the well and asked whether the sea was this big.

And the swan said, “No, it’s much bigger.”

Now, the frog was quite angry, and it abused the bird, and said, “Oh, you are lying to me, because you’re saying it’s more than this. Is there any water more than this big?”

“So, unfortunately, the frog had grown and lived and, all its life, it was only in that well. So, it had never seen anything beyond that; whereas, the bird had flown the seven seas. It had seen everything outside, and it was relating the truth that it had seen. And the frog was trying to understand it in relation to its own life and its own experience.”

— Excerpted from, Setting Your Consciousness Free from Illusion to Experience the Heavens Above — Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast



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