Bhakti and Prem (Devotion and Love) Are Central to Meditation Practice in Sant Mat

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh, and Baba Ram Singh

“I appreciate your eagerness to take to Simran and Bhajan as much as possible, and I hope you will progressively devote more and more time to them. Your inability to concentrate properly is due to your worldly desires, which must be brought under control till you reach the point when Love of God becomes an all-consuming passion, and you consider it the be-all and end-all of your existence.” (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh)

“Love itself is the beginning and the end. It is a pure emanation of God’s current, which enters the heart of a pure person and spreads its influence all round, thus purifying the entire area. The heart of a lover is pure, and at the same time those who have the opportunity of meeting him cannot escape his purifying influence. If one comes across such pure souls, his heart is so greatly influenced that he feels as if purity has entered into him from head to foot.” (Sant Kirpal Singh)

“Sant Mat is the Path of Love. Our soul is also love. And God Almighty is also love. And the Path on which the soul goes and meets God Almighty is also love… Love and devotion are very important. So, we should have love in our devotion. To build that love and that devotion for our Master, we should do Simran because, by doing Simran, we are able to purify our mind. And then we are able to build that love and devotion for the Master. It is that singular path of Simran that leads us on this path of spirituality. If we get away from this path of Simran, then we will not be able to imbibe those attributes of devotion. Because, by doing Simran, automatically, all those attributes of devotion, all that love, manifests on its own within us.” (Baba Ram Singh)



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