Cultivating Purity of Body and Mind — Necessary Observances on the Path of the Masters

“According to Maharshi Mehi, ‘There are a number of necessary observances required to tread the spiritual path.’

“Observances: Complete faith in God, determination to realize the Divine within, service to the master, satsang (association of the Sants and the study of scriptures), and steadfast meditation.

“Prohibitions: Use of intoxicants, practice of adultery, lying, violence (causing suffering to other beings, eating the flesh of animals), and stealing.

“According to the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, truth, compassion, austerity, purity, tolerance, discernment, control of the mind and senses, non-violence, sensory control, detachment, self-study, simplicity, contentment, and detachment from desires are all essential codes of conduct for the practitioner on this path. This text also prescribes practices, including listening to teachings of the scriptures, chanting of sacred mantras, service of the Divine, and worship. Many scriptures and teachings of Sants prescribe various forms of discipline and observances that help the practitioners purify their minds.”

— Swami Vyasanand, The Inward Journey of the Soul