Do the Meditation and Do It Regularly — Baba Ram Singh

“All the souls have come from Anaami [The Nameless One Given Many Names, God]. They have not come from Brahm or Par Brahm. As long as they don’t meditate and go within, they will not understand this truth.

“How ever many scriptures or other holy books we read, till we go in, until we open our Third Eye, we will not be able to satisfy all the doubts and queries that we have.

“So, what the Masters have given us, we should practice that. We should follow Their Teaching and do our Bhajan Simran [Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation] every day. Make that a schedule and do it on a daily basis. When we do it on a daily basis, we purify our mind and then we redeem our deeds and we go within. Once we go within, we realize the truth — that we are the soul, we are not this body, and we are not this mind.

“So, it is incumbent for us to do that meditation and do it regularly. That is our true work. Every other thing that we are doing is all work relating to others.”

— Baba Ram Singh, from, Satsang Discourses, Volume 11 (new!)



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