Enlightening Teachers and Guides

“As long as I live,
those who are pure in thought and action
will be my divine models,
those who have overcome their inner
weaknesses will guide my path,
those who have renounced the selfish life
will inspire my life, and those who enlighten my mind
will be my teachers.
As long as I live,
the truths which have been
uttered by the Jina*, I will receive,
and in this way, I will be able to attain
right knowledge and
my destination of liberation.”

— Jain Santhara Porasi (Jainism), “To Light One Candle — Universal Prayers For Peace”, Clare Resenfield and Pramoda Chitrabhanu;

Jina — one who has conquered the inner enemies (greed, anger, deceit, and egocentrism), another word for Arihanta

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