Essential Elements of Sant Mat Spirituality

“When love and devotion [bhakti] arise, one is firmly established in blissful meditation.” (Sant Dadu Dayal)

The four essential elements a sadhaka (an aspirant of the spiritual path) needs are the following:

(1) satsang (association of saints and hearing of things spiritual);
(2) sadacara (moral rectitude);
(3) seva (dedication to the teacher); and
(4) dhyan-abhyasa (practice of meditation).

“These essentials have previously been discussed; satsang is referenced in section 53 [of Philosophy of Liberation]; moral rectitude is addressed in section 60; meditation is referenced in sections 54 through 59. In Sant Mat an intense eagerness to acquire these essentials must be present. However, devotion to the teacher is paramount to the other three essentials and is the key to achieving the other three.

— Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy of Liberation — online book:

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