Excerpted from, “Simran Is The Most Important Step That The Masters Prescribe”, a January, 2022 Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh

In order to cut our mind’s pull outside in this physical world, the Masters require us to use a physical help, and that is in the form of these Holy Names which we repeat. Because it is only by a physical intrusion that we will be able get the mind out of its outward pull in this world.

So, therefore, to get our attention away from everything outside and focused within, it is very important for us to do the repetition of the Holy Names.

That is why the Masters keep repeating again and again and encouraging us to do our Simran. Time and again, They tell us that we have to keep on doing our Simran. Because it is this which is the first step of the ladder to go within. It is only with the help of Simran that we will be able to get the attention of the soul focused again at the Eye Center.

When we do Simran, we focus our attention at the Eye Center and the entire body becomes numb and that is when the Third Eye opens and we are able to go within and realize ourselves. So, by doing this Simran, we are able to withdraw our attention from the nine doors and go to the Tenth Door. It is only by Simran that we will be able to achieve all this. And that is why more importance is given for doing Simran, rather than listening to the Sound Current initially…

Swami Ji Maharaj says, “The whole world is unhappy and they are all outwardly focused. So, He questions the satsangi, “Those people have not had the benefit of Satsang, nor a Master, they have not understood the Path. So, they are going about their routine lives in whatever beliefs they have and they are unhappy as a result. But you are a satsangi. You have listened to Satsang. You have understood the Path. You know what is right, what is wrong, but yet, you are also going on the same path like them and you are also unhappy.” So, He questions the satsangi why he is also unhappy like the worldly person?

So, Masters say, “If you should remain detached in this world, since you are also subject to your karmas, you also have to face the world, you have to go about your worldly duties. But then, unlike getting completely swayed by them, you should be detached. The example is given by Nanak Sahib.

He gives the example of a lotus. So, that lotus grows in a swamp. It is in all filth and dirt that it grows, but it keeps itself afloat and it doesn’t allow the water also to spoil its petals.

And it maintains its independence. Like that, even there are these birds which dive into the water, and they keep diving into the water, coming out, and when they fly back, they fly with dry wings. So, you have to, as a satsangi, also stay in this world like that. You have to have your attention focused within….

So, Swami Ji Maharaj says, “The only person who is happy is one who has moved his attention away from this world and focused his attention on his Master, at the feet of his Master, and who has manifested that Sound Current within. Only he is truly happy.”



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