Excerpted from, We Should Always Feel That The Masters Are Alive And Around Us — Because They Are, In Fact, Always Around Us — A Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh

We should always remember our Masters. And, just because the Masters have left Their physical body, it does not mean that They have died or They have left us forever. We should always remember Them and we should always feel that They are alive and around us — because they are, in fact, always around us. And we should build our love and affection towards Them.

Masters are immortal and we should never believe that They are there only in the physical form and then leave us. So, They are always there for us.

The True Form of the Masters is the Sound Current and all these physical forms are to help us, to explain to us, and to take us — awaken us — from this world. But They are, in essence, the Sound Current.

They are of the essence of God Almighty. They are of the Sound Current. They only adopt these bodies to explain to us because God Almighty is nameless. He is formless and He cannot be seen and we cannot fathom God Almighty.

So, it is difficult for us to understand what God Almighty wants and to understand the way to go back to Him. That is why the Saints come in the form of a human being — so that we are able to understand and get awakened by Them.

A human being, to understand, will need another human being to explain to him. And that is why God Almighty comes in the form — and He manifests Himself as a human being — to explain to us.

Therefore, the love and affection that we have for our Masters, Who have initiated us, we should have more love and affection towards Them even now also — after They have left the physical form. Because They have come into this world in Their physical form and They have become family members and They have gone through all this pain to awaken us so that we are able to understand Them.

The love and affection that we had for Them at the time of initiation and when They were in the physical body, we should continue to have that even now.



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