Extracts from Babuji Maharaj’s Letters to Satsangis (Disciples, Chelas)

“Whether you get Darshan, hear Shabd and experience bliss and joy or not, you should apply yourself, with avidity and regularity to Sumiran, Dhyan and Bhajan and the reading and recitation of the holy books. Pay greater attention to Sumiran [Simran]. By Divine Mercy, progress will be made gradually. Always look for Grace.” (Biography of Babuji Maharaj)

“Trust that Radhasoami Dayal [the Compassionate Lord of the Soul] hears your prayers and supplications. He will surely shower His grace upon you. You will certainly receive help internally.”

“You should try to hear Shabd by fixing your attention at the Third Eye Center or the Thousand-Petaled Lotus. But there is no harm if Shabd comes from a higher region. If it comes from any higher region you should listen to it. Care should, however, be taken that it comes from the right side or center. Shabd coming from the left side should not be attended to.”

“Sometimes Abhyasis [Surat Shabd meditation practitioners] hear Shabd without sitting in the posture of Bhajan. There is no harm in hearing Shabd in this way, rather it is good. If you feel inclined, you should listen to it.”

— Biography of Babuji Maharaj

“Within the innermost recesses, all spirituality is one and it has never undergone any division. Our spirituality or soul (Surat) is an emanation from the Supreme Being. Within the innermost recesses it is one with God.” (Discourses of Babuji Maharaj, Volume III)

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