Gnosticism in Sufism, and, The Veil of Language = Illusion of Perception

Shams of Tabriz was Rumi’s Spiritual Master (Sufi Sheikh)

Shams of Tabriz: “Two gnostics were proudly debating over the secrets of mysticism and the rank of gnostics. One was saying, ‘The man who is sitting on that donkey is God to me’. Another said, ‘His donkey is God to me.” The truth is that most Mystics are drowned in fatalism, so getting involved in their words is a veil, which deprives one of attaining the real path. The real path is another way… When you hear or read words about gnosticism, you become drunk. It is that passion that has moved you. For that passion is the light of that veil. There are seventy thousand veils of Light before reaching the Exalted God. Now you are submerged in passion, so how can you discuss the radiance of the True Light? Even if you do, all of it will be just the passion… How can anyone compare this passion with the radiance of God’s Light? Do not be satisfied only with your sheikh’s [spiritual teacher’s] nice words, nice actions, nice character, and beautiful face, for there is something beyond all these. Seek that.” (Maghalat-e Shams-e Tabrizi, teachings of Shams of Tabriz, Rumi’s spiritual master)

“Names given to the worldly are very deceptive, for they divert our thoughts from what is correct to what is incorrect. Thus one who hears the word ‘God’ does not perceive what is correct, but perceives what is incorrect. So also with ‘the Father’ and ‘the Son’ and ‘the Holy Spirit’ and ‘life’ and ‘light’ and ‘resurrection’ and ‘the Church (Ekklesia)’ and all the rest — people do not perceive what is correct but they perceive what is incorrect, unless they have come to know what is correct. The names which are heard are in the world […] deceive.” (Gospel of Philip, Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt)



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