Honor Your Present Lifetime, by Baba Sawan Singh Ji, July 21, 1913

My dear daughter,

Your letter has been handed over to me by Kehr Singh. Its contents have pleased me greatly; though your spiritual progress is slow, yet you are advancing on the way.

You must clearly know that our soul has come to this earth since time immemorial from its source, and is subjected to mind, and is so confined in worldly desires and riches that even though Sant Satguru persistently wakes it up, it always tries to obtain them against His will. Whenever through the mercy of the Holy Father it thinks of its Source for a moment, it desires to go there involuntarily; but mind does not help it, and immediately brings forth such a terrible thought, that the attention is diverted in the contrary direction, and the result is that the spirit wanders around until it is brought back towards the right path again. Really the mind is an agent of Kal Purush, the universal mind, and is bound to stay with the soul as long as it is in the material-spiritual division.

You will clearly understand it from the following explanation:

Our spirit is the son of Sat Purush (Radhasoami) and was lent to Kal Purush (the Master of the second grand division of the Universe) to fulfill the function of evolution of his division and the one below it. Kal covered the soul first with the instrumental (causal) body, second with the subtle or astral body, and third with the physical body, and created several kinds of internal and external restrictions and obstacles, so that the spirit would be entangled in them forever. When the Sant Satguru incarnates on this earth to release the souls from their material covers, He first teaches them that this place is not their permanent abode, and their chief function here is to find the means to return to their own home, whence they came in the beginning. Those who accept His teachings, and act upon them with love, gradually return to the purely spiritual Region under His guidance. Therefore, you need not be anxious, and you should continually perform the spiritual practices with firm faith and trust in the mercy of the Holy Father, Who has kindly disclosed to you the secrets of the True Holy Name; and you will certainly reach the goal one day.

Should you hear the Sound when retiring to sleep after getting through the daily exercises, you should continue to hear it lying in your bed and you must not think to get up to adopt the sitting position, as it will draw your attention aside and you may not hear the Sound for some time — until you work hard again to concentrate your attention. You should also try to hear the Holy Sound in your wakeful state as long as possible while attending to the daily exercises, because the more time you will allow to this work, the more progress you will make.You should gradually improve to hold your position for three hours at a time, but remember not to discomfort yourself by trying to do it in one day.

In regard to the forbidden food, you must always inform your host or hostess beforehand that they must not put on the table for you anything cooked with meat, fish, eggs, or lard. As all of your relatives and friends are aware of your habits now, there will seldom be any chance where you will have to make such inquiries; but it will not be out of taste to warn your hosts about animal foods, lest you be mistaken again. If you have any time to spare, you should use it to learn the Hindi language.

I am glad you have thoroughly understood about romance. Our lifetime is invaluable. We must always be careful to utilize it in the best direction. Any part of our time not used in Satsang is lost, therefore you should always try to save your time for the exercises, as to incline our mind and spirit toward things other than the Holy Sound is to lose our fortune.

My dear daughter, I will repeatedly ask you to honor your present lifetime and try your best to raise yourself toward your own home. As soon as you reach the first stage of your journey, you will notice the wonderful spiritual scenes there, which will fill your heart with happiness and gratefulness to the Holy Father. After getting through your daily domestic work, always concentrate your thoughts or attention inward and upward: it will refresh your brain and will remove the fatigue of the whole day and the hidden mysteries will be opened to you. Our Satguru is always ready to help you and is doing the best for you. Any time you meet any resistance in your way, you may write for its explanation.

With best wishes for yourself and the Doctor,

Yours affectionately,


(published in the September, 1978 edition of Sant Bani Magazine)



This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”

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