Huzur Met His Spiritual Master: From the Personal Diary of Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram

“Salig Ram, popularly known by the honorific ‘Huzur Maharaj’ and by the government-conferred title ‘Rai Bahadur,’ was born in Peepal Mandi, Agra, on 14 March 1829. He served as chief inspector of post offices in British India, and, in 1881, was Postmaster-General of the North-Western Provinces, based in Allahabad. He was the first Indian to hold the position. Salig Ram came in contact with his guru, Shiv Dayal Singh, in 1858 in Agra.” (excerpted from the Wiki entry for Salig Ram)

The Personal Diary of Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, as far as I am aware, has never been translated into English. The following account is the meeting between Soamiji and Huzur Maharaj for the very first time:

“Driven by an inner urge to seek a perfect guru, he visited many holy places in the country where he met many religious teachers and saints. He came to the conclusion that many reputed religious leaders were themselves laboring under delusion, and that they were deluding their disciples...”

“Pratap Singh expressed his inability to interpret the hymns and advised Huzur Maharaj to meet his elder brother, Soamiji Maharaj, who alone could bring out the spiritual secrets latent in the devotional hymns…”

“The interview lasted for nearly seven hours. Soamiji’s replies to Huzur Maharaj’s searching questions were convincing and introduced him to a well-defined method for the attainment of the highest reality through the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga.”

(Diary of Huzur Maharaj, kept at Hazuri Bhawan, Pepal Mandi, Agra, some few words from it in English, translated by Prof. Agam Prasad Mathur, Dadaji, in, Radhasoami Faith: A Historical Study)



This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”

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This is a Living School of Spirituality: Sant Mat & Radhasoami: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God: