Inner Suns, Inner Lights of Inner Space

Swami Vyasanand: “We described earlier the experience of moonlight, which should not be considered the complete experience of the Light State. The realm of pure Light, the center of infallible Divine Light, is far from the realm described thus far.

“There are two parts of the realm of the Divine Light: the Light of Night, and the Light of Day. From the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) to the moonlight realm is known as the ‘Night Realm of Light.’ From the dawn-light to the full sun is known as the ‘Daylight Realm.’ There are three levels of the Daylight Realm: the Light of Dawn, the Red Light of the Rising Sun, and the Bright Light of the Noonday Sun. Some say since the sun is also outside why do Sants describe this Inner Sun? It is important to differentiate between the Inner Light experience and the common outer experience of sunlight. The outer sun in this material world rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The Sun of the Inner Divine Realms, however, once it rises never sets; it unceasingly shines. The practitioners who have experienced the vision of this Inner Divine sun will also never experience death. (In other words, they will not be subjected to the cycle of death and rebirth). Sant Kabir says: ‘The practitioner becomes immortal and never dies.’

“Furthermore, the outer sun is warm and gives heat, whereas the Inner Sun is cool and pleasant. Sant Kabir says: ‘In the Inner Divine Sun resides the coolness of the moon.’ In other words, the rays of the Inner Divine Sun are imbued with the coolness similar to the moon. The outer sunlight awakens living beings and brings chatter and activity, but the Inner Sun is the precursor of Divine Sound. Outer sunlight awakens beings to yearnings and the Inner Sun removes afflictions. The outer sun renews the strength in the body and senses, while the Inner Sun removes the activity of the senses, which become subdued. People who see only the outer sun perform all kinds of actions, while those experiencing the Inner Sun are drawn to listen to the Soundless Sound (Nihshabda). With the outer sun ignorance increases (as humans indulge in mundane activities), but the Inner Sun removes ignorance and gives rise to Divine Knowledge [Gnosis].” (The Inward Journey of the Soul, Amazon Kindle e-book by Swami Vyasanand)