Kabir Books Online Including, One Hundred Songs of Kabir

Now uploaded online, One Hundred Songs (Poems) of Kabir, @ the Internet Archive: 

Also see: 
https://archive.org/stream/OneHundredSongsOfKabir/One_Hundred_Songs_Of_Kabir#page/n1/mode/2up Click on the speaker icon for the audio book version.

There are many other free online editions of Tagore’s Songs of Kabir, but, after always having to scroll past the long introduction by Evelyn Underhill, thought I’d move that to the back and use a more spacious format and bigger font for comfortable reading.

At this website http://www.kabir.ca one can access some of the Bijak of Kabir (Shabdas, Ramainis.), also Sakhis. There is also the Book Of Prayers, Prakashmani Gita (on Shabda Yoga Practice), Brahm Nirupan, Bandagi Bichar, and Purnima Katha of Kabir via the “Other Readings” tab, and a huge collection of bhajans (hymns) in both Hindi and English: 

The Book of Prayers is one of the more complex and unusual books of the Kabir tradition. Eternal Name of God/Sandhya Path/Book of Prayers: 

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