Kabir, from the Kahara Section of the Bijak, And, I AM, the Formless God, Speaks

Kabir, from the Kahara Section of the Bijak, and, I AM, the Formless God, Speaks

Kahara is a song set in the morning rhythm. Guru Kabir sings this kahara to teach the perishability of mundane existence, and to awaken people sleeping in delusion.

Always remain in sahaj (meditation). Yes! Remain in sahaj meditation. Remain absorbed in the teachings of the guru. (Sahaj is the state of easy or natural realization of your unity with the Divine).

Make compromise with the world and keep your restless mind steadfast. See all with the eye of love.

Just as you experience suffering now (without meditation), just so you will have happiness afterwards.

If you are not quickly able to control the mind, then at least try to give up anger. (from Kahara, Chapter 1)

O brave mind! Worship God’s name. If you relinquish your desires, then He is quite near. (Hindi: rām nām kā sewahu bīrā, dūri nāhi dūri āshā ho.) (from Kahara, Chapter 3)

I cover myself with the name of God [rām nām]. My life’s business is definitely with Him. (from Kahara, Chapter 4)

Recite God’s name, O man! Recite God’s name. Look deeply into your mind and be aware. [Hindi: rām nām bhaju rām nām bhaju, cheti dekhu man māhīn ho.]

You have collected a great deal of wealth and have safely buried (secured) it. But you will leave the world empty-handed.

Your grandfather, great-grandfather, and great great grandfather possessed land and pots (valuable articles).

Why did they leave these and go? Are you not aware, or are your inner eyes (perception) blind?

The world is engaged in a futile business. In the end no one stands by you, and you depart alone.

Birth and death are transient and take no time. They are like the shadows of passing clouds.

What is there to boast about relatives, lineage, clan and family when all are transient?

Kabir says that without devotion to God’s name all of your cleverness drowned. (Kahara, Chapter 5)

Without of the name of God, O man! you spend your life in delusion. (from Kahara, Chapter 6)

Below is Kahara Chapter 10 — I AM (The Formless God/Nirgun Rai) Speaks

I am in all, and yet I am not in all. I see myself differentiated in all forms. (This is a state of samadhi or union with God. This is beyond all forms, and yet manifests in all forms).

I am covered with a single sheet (Maya = prakriti = undifferentiated matter), and people say that I am united with them.

I am one and am always present in all [Ek Nirantar], just as the single moon reflects in jars of water.

I am the same in all, but people do not understand. If they understood this unity, their delusion about old age and death will vanish.

There is no night or day, and the female and male are the same. (The soul, when realized, is beyond the dualities of day and night or male and female.)

I am not a youth and not an old man. There is no instability in me.

In the three stages of life (infancy, youth and old age), I am the same. My name is Nirgun Rai.

If one sends me I do not go, and if one calls me I do not come. I am Omnipresent and remain in the stage of sahaj in the world.

The weaver who does not know the difference between the warp and the weft in weaving, will weave a fabric torn in ten places. (The devotee who does not know how to worship the Supreme Being gets lost in worshipping multiple deities. This could also mean that not knowing the Absolute, he worships the physical, symbolized by ten doors of the body).

There are rare persons who obtain the grace of the guru and understand his teachings.

The mind engaged in countless forms of worship, causes the diamond-like soul to lose its value.

The gods, noble men and sages are in search of the Absolute. Only a few have found some trace of Him.

— The Complete Bijak of Kabir — Guru Kabir’s Mystical Teachings on God-Realization, translation and commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das

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