Let Time Revolve About You; But You Revolve Not With Time — Book of Mirdad

“The wheel of time revolves in the voids of Space. Upon its rim are all the things perceivable by the senses, which are unable to perceive a thing except in Time and Space. So things continue to appear and disappear. What disappears for one at a certain point of Time and Space appears to another at another point. What may be up to one is down to another. What may be day to one is to another night, depending on the ‘When’ and ‘Where’ of the on-looker.

“One is the road of Life and Death, O monks, upon the rim of the wheel of Time. For motion in a circle can never reach an end, nor ever spend itself. And every motion in the world is a motion in a circle.

“Shall Man, then, never free himself of the vicious circle of Time?

“Man shall, because man is heir to God’s holy Freedom.

“The wheel of time rotates, but its axis is ever at rest.

“God is the axis of the wheel of Time. Though all things rotate about Him in Time and Space, yet is He always timeless and space-less and still. Though all things proceed from His Word, yet is His Word as timeless and space-less as He.

“In the axis, all is peace. On the rim, all is commotion. Where would you rather be?

I say to you, slip from the rim of Time into the axis and spare yourselves the nausea of motion. Let Time revolve about you; but you revolve not with Time.”

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