Maharshi Mehi: “Any tradition devoid of this essential aspect is not true Sant Mat.”

Maharshi Mehi says: “Surat-Shabda-Yoga is the practice of transcending the mind and entering the level beyond the mind, that is, the level of Oneness. The vehicle for this inward journey is Sound. The way to employ sound and to understand its use is the practical application of Surat-Sabda-Yoga. This is also known as Nadanusandhana.

“Surat-Shabda-Yoga as a means to attain the Unbounded state is an integral and indispensable aspect of the Sant Mat tradition. Any tradition devoid of this essential aspect is not true Sant Mat.”

Maharshi Mehi: “Various saints describe the Yoga of Surata-Shabda and from these descriptions we become aware of the significance of Surat-Shabda-Yoga. The following are some words of great saints, concerning the importance of Surat-Shabda-Yoga:

Guru Nanak Sahab states: “The invisible and supra-sensory name of God (the Divine Sound) is extremely sweet and lovely.”

Sant Jagjawan Sahab states: “One is astounded by the (experience of the) melodious tone of the subtle wave of the Unqualified, Unbounded Name (of God).’’

As Maharshi Mehi states:

“The State beyond Sound is acknowledged in the writings of saints as the goal of their teachings. In addition, their writings accept Manas Japa (repetition of a Divine name), Manas Dhyan (concentration on a form of the Divine), Drsti Yoga (fixing the mind on a point) and Nadanusandhana (concentrating on the inner Sounds of the different spheres) as means to reach the Soundless State. These four techniques are therefore essential in Sant Mat.

“As the Sound originates from the Soundless or Nameless State, by grasping the Sound, one is drawn naturally to the Soundless State (the Supreme Sovereign, God).

“Upon merging the mind with the Sound, there remains only the consciousness, free of the association with the mind. The consciousness free of the mind will be drawn to the flow of Sounds, ultimately merging in the State beyond Sound or the Supreme Sovereign God. The internal practice of meditation ends here: the Supreme God is realized and the work is completed.”

— Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy of Liberation in English (Salvation, Moksha-Darshan): A Manuel of Sant Mat Mysticism



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