Make the Mind Quiet

(This offers some very helpful insights about meditation and exploring the world of within, inner space.) A meditation talk given April 4, 1985 by Santji, recorded in, The Ambrosial Hour, pages 177, 178, and 179.

Make the mind quiet as only a quiet mind can meditate. Don’t understand meditation as a burden, do it lovingly. Don’t pay any attention to the outer sounds during the meditation; concentrate at the Eye Center.

The dear ones who have difficulty in finding the Third Eye should know that when they close their eyes, whatever they see within — it is their Third Eye which is seeing all those things. When you have to focus your attention, you should be looking exactly in the center of your two eyebrows, you should not take your attention upwards or downwards or on the left or right side, it should be right in the middle of what you see.

Some dear ones have this complaint, that the Light sometimes comes and sometimes goes; sometimes it becomes very brilliant. They should know that it is not the Light which comes and goes. When our mind is still, when our mind does not run a lot, then we find the Light still there, but when our mind is not there, when it is running all around, then we feel that the Light has gone away. Light is at one place; it is always our mind which comes and goes.

You know that the reflection of the trees or things on the shore of the sea can be seen clearly only when the water of the sea is still. If the water is moving, if there are many waves in that sea, we cannot see the reflection of the things on the shore. It does not mean that the trees or other things have gone somewhere else, they are still there, but it is only because the water is not still, all the waves are moving it, that is why we cannot see the reflection of those things very clearly. We see them only when the water is still; in the same way, as long as our mind is still we see our reflection, we see the things very clearly. But our mind is also like a very big ocean, in this ocean there are many waves of lust, anger, greed and all the things, many thoughts are also coming up, and they are always moving around our mind, and that is why we are not able to see our own image, our own reflection very clearly. We have to still our mind with the Shabd, with the Naam, with the Simran, and only then can we see our image and the inner things very clearly.

Often I have talked about the training which I got in the army when they were teaching us how to shoot. They would teach us that first of all you should keep your body, the gun, and the target all in one line, and then you should keep the crosshairs of the two sights in one line, and it should be in line with the target. And you should hold your breath, and you should not look here or there, and very slowly, very lightly you should just pull the trigger. Those who shot according to the training, keeping all the things in one line and doing it very gently and smoothly, would always become successful. But some people who did not keep their body, the gun, and the target in one line, who would move, those who would not hold their breath, those who would not do it correctly, they would never become successful.

The same thing applies in the practice of Sant Mat also. If our body is still and our mind is still, what is the target we have to hit? The target is the Eye Center, and after hitting the target we have to go further, we have to go to Sach Khand. So if our body is still, our mind is still, and if we are concentrating correctly at the Eye Center, then only after a few sittings you will know that you have progressed a lot.

Those who used to change their aim at the target again and again would not become successful. This is my personal experience; we had to shoot five bullets, placing them in an area of one inch. And I myself have done that only by keeping one target all the time, only by trying to hit the same place again and again. And the same thing helped me a lot in the Sant Mat, because my Master taught me, “Dear Son, if you will go on changing your contemplation, if you will go on changing the place where you have to concentrate, you will not become successful. You have to go on looking at the same place, you have to concentrate at the same place if you want to become successful.”

You should try to understand this: when our thoughts are stilled, then the Light also gets manifested within us and it also remains still there. And when such a thing happens then the Sound of the Shabd also starts coming within us. Only in the beginning do you need to close your ears, later on when the Light is manifested the Sound starts coming from within that Light, and even if you have not closed your ears still you will hear the Sound of the bells or of the conch or some kind of Sound. And whatever Sound you are hearing you should always try to listen to that, you should not go on changing the Sounds. Whatever sound you have caught, you should continue with that same sound and concentrate on it, because even if it is a smaller sound, or a little sound, still it has the connection, it has the contact with the higher Sound.

When the soul sees the Light and hears the Sound of the bell, then all the impurities, all the dirt of the soul is removed, and then the mirror of the soul becomes very clean, very reflecting, and after that, all the forces of the mind which were pulling the soul downwards, all the chains are broken one by one, and after that whenever we sit for meditation, just in a moment our attention goes straight to the Eye Center.

I hope that you will sit in the meditation according to what I have tried to explain to you. You should meditate here as well as when you go back to your home, because those who will meditate according to these instructions, they will definitely get success and it will be very helpful.



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