Manas Japa, Mantra, Simran, The Spiritual Practice of Mentally Repeating Names of God

“The first of these practices [of Sant Mat meditation] Manas japa, is the repetition of a Divine Name, preferably the mantra given to the aspirant by the teacher. This mantra is considered to be both sacred, and vibrant with divine energy. It purifies the heart of the practitioner… Goswami Tulsidas Ji emphasizes the potency of japa practice [simran, the repetition of names of God]:

‘The mantra that is small has such a great power that even Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and other gods come under the control of the practitioner. The short mantra is a device to control the mind which is like a mad elephant.’

“It is necessary to have a focused mind at the time of reciting the mantra. If the mind is not focused then japa does not yield benefit. The practitioner must pay close attention and not let the mind wander off to various thoughts during japa. The constant arising of thoughts obstructs the mind from achieving the powers of the mantra. However, it is important to not become discouraged or impatient while trying to focus. Be diligent in this practice, success in concentration is bound to come.”

— Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj

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