Meditation Talk: To Make The Mind Our Friend, We Have To Do As Much Simran As Possible, by Baba Ram Singh

Sant Ram Singh Ji

THE PATH OF SANT MAT is not a new path. It is a path as old as this whole Creation. When all the forms were created, all the living forms were created, these 8.4 million life forms were created, and the human form was also created, since then, this Path has been preordained, it has been set inside the human form for going back and meeting the God Almighty. So, God Almighty has put in all His Creation within the human body. And He resides within the human body Himself. And the Path to go and meet Him is also set within the body.

So, this Path has not been created by any Mahatma, it has been created by God Almighty Himself. And It is as old as this whole Creation. It is on this same Path that the Saints have gone within and gone and met with God Almighty. And it is this same Path, which the Saints now explain to us. So, anyone following this Path, even today, can go and meet God Almighty.

The Path is not difficult. It is only the following of the Teachings of the Masters that is difficult. This is because Niranjan, who is Kal, he resides within everybody as the mind. And it is his duty to ensure that the soul doesn’t go back to God Almighty. He relentlessly puts forth his efforts to make sure that the soul doesn’t go back to God Almighty.

So, the impediment that we have is of our own mind. And, if you observe, we have been initiated for so many years. We have been going to our Masters and They have been explaining this for so many years. But, yet, we are all here still, and that shows the strength of the mind and the impediment that it causes.

This mind, which is an impediment, is an enemy to us going within on this Path. If we make that mind our friend, then the same mind helps us to go faster within on this same Path. So, to make the mind our friend, we have to do as much Simran as possible. We have to focus our attention away from the nine doors and focus it into the Tenth Door by doing and following the Teachings of the Master and doing our Simran. When we do that and we come to the Tenth Door by doing Simran, there the mind gets connected with the Sound Current, which is resonating at the back of the Eye Center.

Once the mind gets connected to the Sound Current, then it converts itself, it transforms. When the mind experiences the ecstasy of being connected with the Sound Current, it realizes that it is not something, which belongs here in this world, and it is something that belongs to Brahm. And then it starts working towards going inwards, taking us on the Path within. So, once the mind gets connected to the Sound Current, it realizes that it is no longer this body, which it has been identifying itself with, and it realizes that it is an element of Brahm, then it strengthens to the soul’s journey within, and then both the mind and the soul go within, upwards to Brahm.

Therefore, we cannot forcefully make our mind listen to us. It is only with love and affection that the mind will listen, as we do more and more Simran and Bhajan. By doing Simran, the mind becomes purer. As we do more and more Simran, the mind becomes more and more purer and, once it becomes purer, it starts settling down and it gets inner peace. It calms down, it settles down. Otherwise, the mind today is very, very turbulent. And only a very calm mind can reflect within and go within.

So, once it gets connected to the Sound Current, then the soul and the mind ride on the Sound Current within, and then they go upwards to the Brahm. At the Brahm, the mind and the soul then separate, and the mind resides at the Brahm, and the soul goes further upwards. After the Brahm, the soul gets free. It gets naked from the coverings of the mind, and it comes into its own form. It comes into its own element and it goes further. It manifests into the Sound Current and, after that, the Master is also in the form of the Sound Current. And both the Master and the soul, both in the form of the Sound Current, go further up, and go up to God Almighty.

So, we should keep our attention focused on Simran because more and more Simran will help us refine and purify the mind. And that will give us inner peace. We should do Simran throughout the day. When we are doing our other chores, we should continue to do our Simran, because when we do our Simran while we are doing other things also, then when we sit for meditation for that half an hour, or one hour, this Simran, which we have been doing earlier, helps us to focus our attention better. Because, if we don’t do this, then throughout the day, we are tied up in our desires and outward thoughts. And when we sit for that half hour, one hour, our attention does not get focused.

* * *

So, this time is good. We should make the most of this time. We should close our eyes and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.



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