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Complete Mahatmas, Genuine Saints came to the world in their respective times and kept on emancipating the living beings who were connected with them. On completion of their time, they left the body as per the will of the Lord and went to the Lord and left their work [their spiritual mission] to the other saints when departing.

** Actually God appears through the medium of the Master, the Guru, so we have to search for a living Master.**

“Complete and imperishable (permanent) benefit is available only through the living Guru. In him is the magnetic power of the Great Consciousness or the dynamic Consciousness, the touch of which creates power in us and connects our soul to the Current of the Word (ātmā ko Shabda) that rises to the spiritual plane.” She (the Sound Current) helps us by being with our organs. [The Shabd/Sound Current is the vital life force of the body.] Very fortunate is that soul who takes shelter of such a supreme saint (param santa kī sharaṇ).”

INITIATION Into Surat Shabd Yoga: ** The Jivatma (soul) being given Shabda is the first step of Guru devotion (gurū bhakti). **

“Mercy of Satguru Sahib

Only with the grace of the master, the knowledge of the path of Naam is obtained. The Complete Satguru, the true Saint, is the real form of Naam or Word. That’s why the Sound is revealed within them. Only by breaking the bonds of mind, illusion and time is one free from the cycle of transmigration. The Naam is only something the soul experiences, which is possible only through the Master (the guidance, teachings and mentoring of the living master).

Sahib ji teaches the meditation of Surat-Shabd or Sound yoga.

1) Surat is called soul, the attention faculty of the soul.
2) The Sound creates and permeates the whole universe.
3) The Surat, the soul, carefully focuses upon that musical Naam (the Word), listening and merging into the Sound.
4) By holding the stream of that Sound, the surat-soul returns to it’s core, it’s essence.
5) This practice can be learnt through training by a complete saint, a satguru. Only a present teacher, a living teacher, can teach this sadhana, this spiritual practice.
6) This practice is simple so it is also called Sahaja Yoga, easy or natural yoga, the yoga of Sound.
7) There is no boundary or barrior of country, caste, sect, etc.. for this practice. All are welcome.
There is no need to sacrifice the world or give up your worldly duties for successful meditation.
This path is the way to die while living, the body of the seeker starts to numb. Due to full concentration in Simran, the soul is concentrated in the third eye behind the eyes and one merges into the Sound. That’s why the soul tastes the nectar, the bliss, and shines in the light of the Sound. In this situation, the the seeker becomes unaware of the outside world. This is the situation of dying while alive [death before dying]. Sahib ji says:

“The stream of Sound is the Word of the Lord in the whole universe or cosmos. This Word is the consciousness stream that reaches everything in the cosmos from the creator (the Supreme Being). This is the stream he created to connect the whole, the All. This is what he is nurturing in all. The Word or Sound is our foundation. By holding the notes of the same tune, the Divine Sound, you can get back to your core, your essence, and merge into it.’

In our scriptures, there are many types of yogas like Hatha yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya yoga, Raja yoga, etc…, but all of these remain confined to the limits of body and mind, have not been said to free the soul from the trap of mind and illusion.

The true master practices the spiritual Sound and Light that comes from beyond. By these methods of meditation, the soul becomes introverted through regular practice and hears the melodious Sound within, and the soul reaches where the Sound is emanating from. This is the goal of the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga.


Jai Sat Naam


Mercy of Satguru Sahib Ji

Satnam — Satguru

— Satsang Discourses from the Hathras Satsang Associated With Sant Tulsi Sahib



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