On Tranquility

“Tranquility at the level of the body is the abolition of wars; countries at peace; submission without rebellion, without fighting to excel, without stealing possessions, without legal disputes, without judicial charges; cessation of calumny; no controversy about faith; concord that is in stillness, away from conflict.

“Tranquility at the level of the soul is a heart not troubled by thoughts; a mind not divided by its thoughts; a will which does not quarrel with itself; serene thinking which does not disturb the heart; gentleness of soul without distracting stirrings.

“Tranquility at the level of the spirit: a mind undivided concerning Truth; a soul not confused by opinions; unity of the worlds*, indeed their concord; stirrings according to Truth.”

*”Unity of the Worlds”: this may refer to unity between microcosm and macrocosm.

On Purity

“Purity at the level of the body: cleansing of dirtiness; washing the parts of the body; clean clothing; pleasant fragrance.

“Purity of soul is being clear of bodily foulness; cleansing of the corruption of foul thoughts; purity of intentions; illumination of thoughts; sound impulses.

“Purity at the level of the spirit is elevation above the world; forgetfulness of its affairs; reflection on God; constant gazing on Him.”

— John the Solitary on the Soul (Syriac Mystic), translated by Mary T. Hansbury, Gorgias Press



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