Rare Quotes From Sat Sahib, the Spiritual Master of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar

“The ultimate Realm is Akah* (Unspeakable)
Which is fully contained within the inner mirror.
The Akah* is the source of true Naam (the Sound Current)
This (Naam) is the truest spiritual technique.”

— Sat Sahib**, the Spiritual Master of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar

“You have been given the seal to imprint the souls,
And you know that the transaction is carried on
through the True Name (Satnam).

“Whosoever comes, bearing the imprint of your hand
I will take him to the other shore.

“Priceless indeed, is my Name.
Let one hold fast to it with proper concentration.
Near such a person Kal [lord of time, death and illusion] shall not go.
While rising or sitting, let him fix his attention on it,
And let him develop love for the Divine Light within.
Let him abandon all deceptive worship
of the gods and the goddesses.
Let him be absorbed in his real Lord,
realizing Him to be the Truth.
While rising and sitting, the Supreme Lord
should be the center of his attention,
And let him remain merged into the Sound Current.
By taking refuge under the Truth in such a way,
he will certainly overcome Kal.”

— Sat Sahib** the Spiritual Master of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar (speaking to Dariya about his future mission as a Sant Sat Guru)


*The term “Akah” has been used by Kabir also as the ultimate Abode of Anami Purush.

**Sat Sahib: The teachings of Sat Sahib and Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar are very close to the school of Sant Mat associated with Sant Dharam Das — the Kabir line of Masters. See, “The Anurag Sagar”, published by Sant Bani Press, and, “Dariya Sahib, Saint of Bihar”, published by Science of the Soul.

Based on the “Dharamdasi/Anurag Sagar” type terminology of Sat Sahib and his successor Dariya Sahib, Sat Sahib most likely would have been a disciple of Sant Dharam Das or his son Churamani Naam, or Shundarshan Naam — in other words, one of the Gurus in the Kabir/Sant Dharam Das line of Masters.

The Dariya Sahib Satsang believe that Dariya was another reincarnation of Kabir, who incarnates occasionally during Kali Yuga to reboot the spiritual path and set up a fresh line of successors to keep the path of Surat Shabd Yoga alive in the world.

See, the Sant Dariya Mission Website:
And at: http://TheHolySound.com/sant-dariya-saheb-bihar/index.html

The Image: Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar (courtesy of the Sant Dariya Mission)

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