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Sant Mat Satsang PODCAST: The Many Names of the Nameless God (Anami) — A History of Simran Practice in the Sant Tradition, & The Mystic Poetry of Namdev — Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean @ Youtube:
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Below Are NOTES About Today’s PODCAST (11–7–18):

Today’s Program — Table of Contents — Program Outline:

Readings from the Mystic Bhakti Poetry of Sant Namdev from the Shri Namdev Gathas, Adi Granth, and from the Padavali of Namdev,

Also: A History of Simran Practice — The Repetition of Sacred Names — in the Sant Tradition, and:

The True Spirit of Simran Practice is Bhakti (Love)

The Many Names of the Nameless God (Anami): A History of Simran Practice in the Sant Tradition (Path of the Masters), By James Bean

The Nameless God has been given many names over the centuries. There are countless Divine names used as mantras or sacred words of Remembrance in various schools of spirituality. In Dadu Panth, that sacred name of God at the highest level is Satya-Raam. The name Raam was very frequently mentioned in the hymns of Guru Kabir, Sant Namdev, and other classic Sants of India. Some receive a single Name, others a longer Guru Mantra phrase. Some are given “The Five Names” (panch naam) consisting of five holy names of God. These are revealed at the time of Initiation into Sant Mat or Shabd Yoga meditation. These same five names have been used for centuries in certain branches of Sant Mat connected with Kabir and Sant Dharam Das, Sant Dariya Sahib, Sant Tulsi Sahib, and Sant Radhasoami Sahib. Others have been given five Sufi names of God at the time of Initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga meditation. These five Sufi or Islamic names have the same essential meaning as the five Indian names used in some forms of Sant Mat, and, as with the Indian names, also correspond to five basic inner regions. (In one of the Jewish Gnostic paths of antiquity, a group known as the Sethians, there was also a five-named or panch naam mantra approach, only with five Hebrew names that have been found in Coptic texts of Egypt. Those were associated with certain heavenly regions: Harmoz-el, Oroia-el, Daveithai, El-eleth, and another word meaning, the “Self-Begotten One”.) Others are given the name of the Most High God RADHASOAMI (Rad-Da-Swam-e, “Soul-Lord” or “Lord of the Soul”), associated with the Eighth Plane, to use in simran practice along one’s journey though all of the various states and stages within during meditation. A few Sant Mat lineages use a two-syllabled sacred word revealed at the time of Initiation, and it represents a name for the Soundless One.

In the classic bhajans and banis of the Sants of India appear numerous names of God. One can read verses exhorting devotees to repeat many names of the Nameless, Soundless, Formless One:

“Repeat the Panch Naam (Five Names)”.
“Repeat the Guru Mantra”.
“Repeat the Name of Raam”.
“Repeat the Name of Satya Raam”
“Repeat the Name of Radhaswami”.
“Repeat the Name of Hari”.
“Repeat the Name of Govinda”.
“Repeat the Name of Vitthala”.
“Repeat the Name of HOO (HU)”.

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God is the Ocean of Love, and Souls are Drops from this Ocean.

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