Selections from the Bhajans (Mystic Poetry — Hymns) of Baba Somanath On Inner Light

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Baba Somanath, Spiritual Successor Appointed by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh for South India.

The darkness in the well of the world is driven away when the Self-Effulgent lamp of Knowledge sheds it light.

Make me repeat the Naam day and night.
And keep me steadfastly absorbed in contemplation on You.
Rivet my attention at the still point between the eyes,
And show me the Light of Spiritual knowledge.

Every day, dial the number of the Naam.
Do the contemplation and remembrance of Truth.
Between the two eyes, take a bath in the Immaculate Light.

Repeat the Simran of Naam, and behold the radiance of the Self-Existing Light.

Be like the moth that is spellbound by the light.

Somanath says, do the dhyan of the Guru, see the Truth with your own eyes.
In the blink of an eye Maya is destroyed, and the light (of the soul) merges into the Divine Light (of Shabd).

O Kindler of Light, in Your form resides all power and splendor.
You dwell beyond the physical, astral, and causal realms.

The Divine Guru is the radiant form of Light: He banishes all darkness.
Just like the moon rising in the night sky, He drives away the illusion of ignorance.

Ahead is the Light of the red rising sun, beholding it the soul is lost in delight.
The darkness of ignorance is dispelled and lightning flashes across the sky.

Somanath says, O Lord of the lowly, care for the ignorant ones.
Your Ray of Light banishes the darkness of ignorance.
You are All-Knowing, All-Wisdom, Ever-Existent,
Dwelling in the State of Blissful Natural Equipoise.

By the Grace of the Satguru, Somanath repeated the Naam and became intoxicated in Divine Bliss.
Maya was dispelled in the blink of an eye;
The dazzling light of the Guru’s lotus feet is shining like the sun and moon.

Then comes the realm of Par Brahm and the pool of Mansarovar [man-sa-rovar — the Lake of Nectar]
Overflowing with the waters of radiant Light; here the stain of the mind is scrubbed clean, and the soul emerges immaculately pure.
The enshrouding veils are cast aside, and Pure Consciousness dawns.

The Sohang Shabd is perpetually resounding.
The darkness becomes radiant with dazzling light, and the snare of Maya is destroyed forever.

Then the soul enters the Realm of Sat Lok, the abode of the True Lord.
The light of millions of suns and moons rising together could not equal one hair on His body.
The strains of the veena (lute) fill the air, and the Truth of Truths is proclaimed.

The deepest mysteries that lie far beyond the Vedas, You proclaimed in utterance simple and clear.
You pulled the souls out from the deep, impassible ocean of existence,
and ferried them to the other shore.
O Kindler of the Inner Light, You are the Lord and Savior of all the world.

You are the victor over death who ferries the jiva-souls across the impassable realm of matter,
Omniscient Consciousness, Quintessence of Light,
Ineffable and beyond reckoning is Your state.
The mind cannot conceive of You; You are without beginning, without end.

O Protector of the lowly ones, most merciful Lord,
Self-Existent, Bestower of Light
Somanath has contemplated upon Your lotus feet.
Unceasingly, He will sing Your praises.
You free all the jiva-souls from the desires and afflictions of this world.

— Selections from the Bhajans of Baba Somanath Mentioning the Inner Divine Light



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