Seven Key Practices of Sant Mat Mysticism

Maharshi Mehi Paramhans

“The practice of devotion and striving for Liberation require seven means which are of paramount importance:

1) Satsang (association with the Saints which includes the study of their writings or scriptures),

2) selfless service of the spiritual Master [seva],

3) strong love for God [Bhakti],

4) moral rectitude,

5) purity of the heart,

6) Japa (repetition of the Divine Name [simran]) and

7) Dhyana (meditation). In the practice of meditation — both gross and subtle meditations are described. In subtle meditation — the meditation of the bindu (point) — the meditation of Light — Drishti Yoga (the Yoga of vision) and Nadanusandhana (the meditation of Sound) — Surat-Shabda-Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) are described.” (Swami Santsevi Ji)

Sant Mat Meditation: “Through the central Point between the two eyebrows [third eye], enter within your body, going beyond gross, subtle, causal, and supra-causal spheres. And finally, reaching the very seat of Kaivalya [Oneness], get detached from all these five coverings of your body [and subtle bodies]. Seeking the assistance of the Light and Sound of God and the Quintessential Word, merge yourself with the Quintessential Sound to be at one with the Lord. Mehi says, Your efforts inside your body will make you so subtle that you will be able to go beyond these five [subtle] bodies. This is called the real devotion, which you always must focus on as your ideal or goal.” (Maharshi Mehi)

“Pierce through the six chakras, and ascend upwards. Listen to the Melody Divine arising there. Through the Melody, the turbulent mind is quelled. Realize that only thus is thy practice made fruitful. Listen to the heavenly Music and attain liberation while still living. It is your Music I hear O Lord. The rhythm of Drums, Jantar, and Vina. The supreme moment has come.” (Sant Namdev)

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