Showers of Wisdom, By H.H.Dayal Sahab, A Spiritual Seekers Guide

Sant Mat Meditation and Spirituality
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A Spiritual Seekers Guide, Radhasoami Faith, a Great Collection of Satsang Discourses in English

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It takes time to clear the debt of Kal and karma. The person who is always engaged in Sumiran will clear all the debts and leaves this world to join the Supreme Being in His abode. Act with courage.

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The heart in which the thought of the Supreme Being continues all the time will be purified and cleansed in the same measure day by day and it is a sign of Grace. You should surrender your prayer at the Lotus Feet of Radhasoami Dayal with Love and “Viraha” (pangs of separation)

Only after renouncing the world you can enter the domain of spirituality. If you are tied down to the world you can get neither material nor spiritual happiness. If you are very much interested in spirituality then renounce this world and engage in spiritual practice. In this no one is any one’s son, grandson, mother, father or husband. These are all social bonds and the entanglements of Kal. Rise above this world and repeat Radhasoami Name. By doing so you will get tranquility.

The person who recognizes his faults, repents and prays to God with tearful eyes is blessed with spiritual enlightenment. You should feel and repent for your errors with sincere heart thinking that Supreme Being is everywhere. Then you will be entitled to receive Grace.

A person should live according to the “Mauj” — Will and dictates of the Supreme Being and eliminate thoughts of sorrow from his mind. The power of man is limited and he can neither make himself nor others as per his wishes. Do not worry your mind too much by remembering the sorrows as they lead you to greater fear.

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To see one’s own faults is an attribute of spirit. In doing so, wisdom is fortified and a person can escape many trials and tribulations. Do not allow your mind to be overwhelmed by the world, In other words. Repetition of Radhasoami Name should be constant in your mind. By this you will progress in spirituality.

If spiritual aspiration is increasing day by day then you need not worry about anything because this longing and determination will help you to do Sadhana again and again. Hence it should be regarded as a scale to measure your spiritual progress. Whenever you develop disinterest in spirituality or you are lacking in emotion and attention, then participate in Satsang, take Prasad and pray for Special Grace of Supreme Being. By this reformation takes place.

( 8 )
Though you are blessed with the opportunity of Satsang you will not reap the full benefit of Satsang as there is no prior preparation. You perform internal practice more and more then transformation takes place in you. When man is sad and disturbed he gets dreadful dreams by which his sorrow is intensified. If the person repeats Radhasoami Name his mental agony is lessened and bad dreams will not haunt him.

There is great power in Radhasoami Name. By Grace, if this Name manifests in you, emancipation is a certainty. God’s attributes are in this Name and all defects of mind, body and intellect which are the byproducts of mind will be insignificant before the magnificent Power of the Name. Then there will be no effect of these in the life of a person. You on your side submit your prayers for Grace and devote more and more time for Sumiran and Dhyan.

( 10 )
A person should spend more time in the Repetition of the Holy Name Radhasoami and Contemplation of the Holy Form of Satguru. By this the gates of internal path are opened and spiritual practice becomes regular. A spiritual person is not afraid of the struggles of life. He knows that in this way he is gradually relieved of the debts of Kal and karmas and keeping full faith in His benevolence he treads the path of spirituality.

( 11 )
The more the seeker of Truth prays with Viraha and Prem, Malik’s Grace is also granted in the same proportion with unbounded flow. The awakening of Viraha and Prem in a devotee is an indication of Grace just as the onset of clouds indicates the advent of rain. You should bow down in prayer charged by Viraha and Prem to Supreme Being as frequently as possible.

— A Spiritual Seekers Guide — Radhasoami Faith



Sant Mat Meditation and Spirituality

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