Some Mystic Verses of Love from Kabir (Kabir Bhajan Amritam)

I was waiting for my Lover (Lord) for many births, and now I (soul) have found Him.
How fortunate I am that even as I sat at home He came to me.
I dyed my mind with auspicious actions, and I am relishing the delicious love of God.
The light of love has appeared in my temple (heart), and I slept there with my Beloved
Like a queen I enjoyed the bliss and all the wealth of the palace, not of my own accord, but
by His grace.
Kabir says: “O my dear friends! Without my doing anything, my Lover bestowed upon me the
best of love.”

Oh my Beloved God! Whether you like it or not, I will not let you go from my heart.
You were separated from me for a long time, and now I have found you. It is my good
fortune that you came, yourself, to my house.
I bow at your feet and I will keep you here without your consent. I will keep you bound to my
O my Lord! You live happily and comfortably in the temple of my heart. Kabir says: “I do
not go there, where there is fraudulent love.”

Now I have realized God, the Absolute.
I will reside blissfully with Him in easy union for limitless time.
When my compassionate guru showered his grace, my heart blossomed like a lotus.
All my doubts are removed and I see Him everywhere. The Supreme Light has manifested in
The dead (liberated person) awoke with the bow of knowledge in his hands, and the hunter,
Kal (delusion) disappeared.
When I awakened from sleep, the sun of knowledge had risen, and the night of ignorance had
I experienced the Unknown, Unique and Absolute that is beyond description.
It is as a dumb person who has tasted sweet, and can smile as a sign of pleasure, but cannot
describe it.
The tree of realization, without blossoms, is loaded with fruits; and without hands and
trumpet, divine melody resounds.
It is as if the vessel is filled with water without the water woman. Just so, I realized God in
easy union.
When I realized God, this raw body turned into perfect gold. In silence I tasted the
indescribable nectar of bliss.
In realization the bird (mind) flew very high in the sky (of devotion), and lost itself, just as
water of the broken vessel mixes with the water of the ocean.
I worship the Supreme Lord, and will not worship any other. I bathed in the worldly ocean,
but now I will not bathe in it again.
All my doubts disappeared in a moment. I came but will not come again. I realize the
Absolute Self in me.
I converse with myself, as I realize that I am immersed in the Supreme Self.
With realization of perfect union, my “self” became absorbed in the Supreme Being.
Kabir says that he who thinks about his Real Nature will destroy the cycle of birth and death.

bahut dinan thai main prītam pāye
bahut dinan thai main prītam pāye,
bhāg bade ghari baithe āye — chorus
mangalchār mānhī man rākhown, rām rasāin rasnā chākhown,
mandir māhi bhayā ujiyārā, le sūtī apanā pīv piyārā — 
main rani rāsi (rānīvāsi) je nidhi pāī, hamahin kahā yahu tumahi
kahain kabīr main kachhu nā kīnhā, sakhī suhāg rām mohī dīnhā-