The Gnostic Souls Escapes — He Made It!

Most people are like the “Philistine” Kierkegaard speaks of, who “tranquilizes himself with the trivial,” but the Gnostic cannot pursue such a course. The exile may indeed find himself in a dark land, but his very awareness of the darkness can also reveal a Light on the Path to freedom. So also, awareness of our alienness and recognition of our place of exile for what it is are the first great steps on the path of return. We begin to rise as soon as we realize that we have fallen”. — Stephan A. Hoeller, “Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing”

“There was within me a stillness of silence, and I heard the Blessedness whereby I knew my real self…..And I turned to myself and saw the Light that surrounded me and the Good that was in me, I became divine.” — Book of Allogenes, Nag Hammadi Library



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