The Inverted Well — Mystic Verses (Bhajan) of Sant Tulsi Sahib

This poem describes the inner spiritual experience which comes after crossing the third eye center during meditation. It is reminiscent of a similar poem by Paltu, who also compares the inward journey through the third eye center to realms within to an inverted well.

I beheld in the firmament an inverted well,
and was filled with the resplendence of the
Light within.
In the resplendence of brilliant Light, I had a
glimpse within the flame;
All was suffused with brightness, and I had
a peep into myself.
The path leading to the shores of
Mansarovar* was revealed unto me.
In the Sukhmana* I went into a trance and
then crossed to the other side.
Whosoever hath thus experienced, O Tulsi,
hath got the pledge of union from the
I beheld in the firmament an inverted well,
and was filled with resplendence of Light

Saints show us the Path of Sound and Light,
They still the mind and raise it to the skies
The soul gets concentrated at the Door and
is in bliss;
Ascending the celestial skies she is in sight
of Gagan (Inner Mystic Sky of the Second Stage).
The fortunate soul sets out on its journey
along with the Divine Melody;
Listening to this Celestial Music day by day,
she becomes detached.

– Sant Tulsi Sahib (Book of Shabdavali)


“Mansarovar:” A lake of nectar in the third spiritual region, a baptism in which makes the soul absolutely pure.

“Sukhmana:” The central Current in the finer body, starting from the Eye Center and leading upward to the higher spiritual regions.