The Lost Letters, Papers, and Articles of Soamiji Maharaj

“One thing which Chachaji did and which will be always remembered was that one day, heaven knows what brainwave he had, he tied up into a bundle many letters of Soamiji Maharaj in His own handwriting, His other papers, as well as many articles of His use, and dropped the bundle into the well at Soami Bagh sanctified by Soamiji Maharaj. He then went to Lala Tote Ram and told him what he had done. Hearing him, Lala Tota Ram gave out a shriek and said, ‘O Chachaji Saheb, what have you done?’ Chachaji Saheb replied, ‘Brother, I know the value of these things. There is no knowing in whose hands these precious things will fall and whether they will be preserved with due care. That is why I thought that I should rather drop them in the well sanctified by Soamiji Maharaj Himself ‘. Said Lala Tota Ram, ‘But we are here who can realize their worth. You could give them over to us.’ Be that as it may, Chachaji Saheb, too, very much repented his action afterwards, but what could be done? Done is done and cannot be undone. It is a matter of some satisfaction, however, that the well into which the mouthwash of Soamiji Maharaj and the water sanctified by Him had been poured, also turned out to be the repository of many of His articles of use.

“Lala Tota Ram requested Chachaji Saheb to give him any letters or papers in the handwriting of Soamiji Maharaj or any articles of His use which Chachaji Saheb might still I have in his possession, so that they could be preserved in Satsang as relics. Chachaji Saheb’s reply was that he had no such thing with him anymore. But he promised to make a search, and if he could find anything he would give it to Lala Tota Ram. Four to six months thereafter, Chachaji Saheb brought a letter written by Soamiji Maharaj to Rai Bindraban Saheb and gave it over to Lala Tota Ram saying, ‘Take this. I could trace it to your luck.’ A facsimile of this letter has been given on page 12.” (Bhaktmal of the Radhasoami Faith, by S.D. Maheshwari, pages 25 and 26 — NOTE: “Bhaktmal” means: biographical accounts of Bhaktas or devotees)

Letter From Soamiji Maharaj to His Younger Brother Bindraban Saheb

“My most beloved, blessed and eminent brother Lala Bindraban, may you always prosper.

“After blessings for enhancement of your wealth and rank, which is the genuine wish of my heart, I should like you to know that by the grace of Sat Guru Saheb all is well here, for which we should be grateful to the Almighty. I believe that, since the time you left this place for Ajmer, you have been attending to your official work with care and honesty and that you are leading and guiding others also along the path of honesty and righteousness. Following as a regular rule of conduct, the advice which I have been giving you, of discharging your duties faithfully and honestly, you should, at the same time, remain engaged in your devotion to the Guru, and but for attending to those two duties, namely, first your official work, which provides the means of your livelihood, and secondly, devotion to the Supreme Being, who bestows the precious gift of eternal life, you should, on no account, attend to anything else. Such course of action will lead to your advancement and progress in both the worlds. You should not feel disheartened during the periods of worries and difficulties. Keep on reading the holy books, which you have with you, and do not, even for a moment, forget the two instructions given above. I, too, am busy with official work. Your first letter should contain a description of that place and of the journey. I shall then write to you whatever would seem appropriate at that time. Under all circumstances, keep yourself engaged in the devotion to the Guru. Do not think of doing anything but good to your friend and foe alike. You should attune your mind to the will of the Supreme Creator. Whatever He wills shall come to pass. Under all conditions keep cheerful and smiling and, when necessary, read my letter with attention, so that it may afford you the necessary peace of mind, when you are faced with any difficulty. Keep your spirits high in whatever you do. With blessings.

“ Please convey my respects to revered Lala Nandi Shankar. I have the same message for him. He should also keep his mind engaged in devotion to the Almighty alone and should not get himself entangled in unnecessary worldly affairs. To say anything more to him would be like teaching medicine to Luqman. I close with blessings. All is well at the residence of that gentleman.

“Please accept Satnam from Shiva Narain, clerk of the office, and respects from Babu Ram Dhan, writer.”

(Shiv Dayal)

(Bhaktmal of the Radhasoami Faith, by S.D. Maheshwari, pages 13 and 14, English translation of the facsimile of the letter found on page 12)

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