The Monism of Sant Paltu Sahib

Paltu asserts that in reality nothing exists except the Supreme Being. All that we see before us is simply a manifold appearance of the one power that we call God. There is no question of duality or multiplicity. With Paltu, monism is not a philosophical doctrine but a fact of experience. The mystics actually see, with their inner eye, the immanence of the Supreme Being.

The wave emanates from the Ocean,
and merges back into IT.
It merges into the Ocean
and just so does maya [illusion] return into Hari [God].
The Vedas and Puranas are all in tangles —
How can they enlighten the seeker of Truth?
As fragrance is concealed in the flower and fire in wood,
As ghee is hidden in milk and water in the pitcher,
So is the Formless* manifest in the creation,
for none else exists;
One who speaks of them as two commits a grievous error.
O Paltu, there is no difference
between the Lord and his manifestation.
The Wave emanates from the Ocean,
and merges back into IT.

— Sant Paltu Sahib

*Formless (Nirguna) Supreme Being

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This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”

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This is a Living School of Spirituality: Sant Mat & Radhasoami: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God:

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