The Path of the Masters is a Bhakti Path: Without True Love, This Path is Not Complete — The Importance of Bhakti (Love and Devotion)

The Path of the Masters is a Bhakti Path: Without True Love, This Path is Not Complete — The Importance of Bhakti (Love and Devotion)

“Without Bhakti, all are hollow and sham, covers without the kernel.

“Therefore, hold fast to Bhakti and give up shrewdness altogether.

“Devotion, affection and love are three different words, but they denote one and the same thing.

“Bhakti and Bhao (devotion and love) constitute Guru-Mat [teachings of enlightened masters]. All else are Man-Mat [limited understanding of the mind].

“The essence of Atma and Parmatma is Prem (love). Sat Naam (True Name) is the embodiment of Bhakti (devotion).

“Bhakti (devotion) and Bhagwant (the Supreme Being) are one. The Sat Guru is the embodiment of Prem (love).

“You are also Prem (love) in essence, so are all Jivas [souls]. But there is one difference. Somewhere it is a drop, elsewhere, a wave.

“At one place, it is Ichcha (desire) which is predominant, and at another, it is Maya which is powerful.

“At one place there was a little of Maya [illusion], and that too was purified because of its association with the ocean of spirituality.

“At one place, it is ocean of Prem (Love) and at another, it is the source and fountain head of Prem (love).”

— Soamiji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume 1

“There is no peace except in the Name of the Lord —
Meditate on it with one-pointed attention.

“Experience the state of super-consciousness
Where the Lord’s love surges
And you will see your own form
In each particle of the creation.

“0 Nama, the Lord will make
The pupil of your eye his home,
And your eye will expand
To contain the entire universe.”

— Saint Namdev

“How can one sit so still, repeat only holy names and think of God constantly? ‘By falling in love,’ Mataji answered serenely. ‘Because when one is truly in love nothing but the Beloved can enter one’s mind. So the secret of Surat Shabd Yoga and of mysticism,’ she goaded, ‘is not necessarily practice and more practice, but love. To be so devoted to one’s Lord that nothing can stand in the way — this and nothing else is the truth of Sant Mat’”. (Yogani Mata Ji)

“In an ancient narrative, Lord Shiva tells the gods that the Supreme Lord does not live in heaven, but that He is all-pervasive and resides in every atom of the universe. God only becomes manifest through intense devotion, not through any other methods. All other techniques are meant to awaken this latent devotion and not to manifest the Supreme Being. Devotion has that power that makes the unmanifest manifest. The One (God) who rules the universe becomes your assistant, as has been described in many tales. Drawn to the Bhakti [love] of the devotee, the Divine submits to that devotee. There are many examples in the scriptures that illustrate the Divine’s love for the devotee.” (Swami Vyasanand, The Inward Journey of the Soul: Chal Hansa Nij Desh: O, Swan-Soul Return to Your Abode)

Commentary: The True Spirit of Simran Practice is Bhakti

“Simran” is a term which means “Remembrance”, the spiritual practice of remembering or being mindful of God by repeating his Name. Devotees sing or chant various names for God. Higher spiritually, and more “within” is the practice of “manas jap”, the mental repetition of God’s name or names “with the tongue of thought” — in other words, chanting names of God within one’s mind. The Sants have always placed much greater emphasis upon mental Simran over vocal chant.

There is however, more to Simran than the repeating of sacred names. Simran must be approached with the right attitude, the right spirit, for one’s intent determines how successful the practice will be, and what effect it will have upon one’s consciousness. Simran has never been intended to be a dry or lifeless mantra practice. The path of the Sants is a Bhakti path, a path of love and devotion for the Supreme Being. Thus, the true Masters have always instructed their students to repeat God’s Name with love and devotion, as a lover calling out to one’s Beloved, the Lord of Love.

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