True Simran Is When The Mind Is Doing The Repetition And Is Not Wandering Elsewhere, by Baba Ram Singh Ji

Saints sing the praise of the Sound Current which is resonating at the Eye Center. It is coming from God Almighty and, at the Eye Center, it is resonating. At the Eye Center, the soul is present, the mind is present, and the Sound Current is also there. But the soul is not connected to the Sound Current at the Eye Center. Because both the mind and the soul are at the Eye Center, the Masters explain the practice of doing our Simran — the repetition — and contemplating on the Master at the Eye Center.

When we do the repetition at the place where the mind is, the mind does not get an opportunity to run around. And, therefore, it settles down at the Eye Center and focuses.

Kabir Sahib has said, “We move the rosary in our hand and do our repetition, and people also do repetition by their tongue. But the mind, when such kind of repetition is being done, the mind is running in all four directions.” So, Kabir Sahib says, “That is not Simran.”

So, true Simran is when the mind is doing that repetition and is not wandering elsewhere. So, your thoughts should be aligned with the mind, and together that Simran should be done by the mind.

So, when the mind stills because of the Simran, it starts cleansing itself. It starts becoming pure. But when it stops doing that Simran, then again, the load of karmas comes aware.

So, we have to always be conscious and be attentive to where the mind is — whether the mind is doing Simran when we are sitting for our meditation, or whether it is wandering around. So, we should be attentive and see what the mind is doing. If we observe that the mind is wandering or swayed by some thought, we have to bring the mind back and make it do the Simran. So, again, it wanders off. Again, you have to pay attention; bring it back. And then do the repetition. So, gradually, that way, the mind will get habituated and it will start doing the Simran on its own.

So, Saints say, “You have to be resolved in the practice; you have to be attentive and you have to be brave. You should not give up on your mind. Like the soldier who goes in warfare, he does not come back. He goes there and makes up his mind. He goes there to fight. And he goes there and then wins and then he comes back.”

So, like that, we should not drop our arms before the mind. We should make that resolve that we will control the mind and we will do this Simran and get success in it.

So, Kabir Sahib says, “When you do your meditation, even if your mind is not sublime, it is not refined, by continuously practicing and continuously doing Simran, it will automatically get refined and will get cleansed and it will become sublime.”

So, the Simran is very powerful and it has the power of cleansing the mind. As we keep on doing our Simran, it keeps cleansing the mind and the mind becomes more and more refined. Once the mind become sublime, it comes to a standstill. And that is when the withdrawal of the attention of the soul starts happening and we withdraw from our body and the nine doors and come to the Tenth Door.

Once the focus comes at the Eye Center and, with the Grace of the Master, the Sound Current is manifested. Not only this life, but of scores of other previous lives, all the karmas that have been built up, they all get redeemed and the mind becomes pure like a glass. And when it becomes pure like a glass, and transparent like a glass, it realizes that it is not the body or the senses with which it has so long been associated, and that it is different and it belongs elsewhere. And the mind realizes that it belongs to the Brahm and not this current world and it starts making an effort to rise and go further within. And it helps the soul also to go further within towards God Almighty. And that very mind, which is an enemy of the soul for doing its meditation, that same mind becomes its best friend and helps the soul to go within.

This same mind, when it is burdened with its karmas and it is impure, it does not allow the soul to focus and it keeps deluding the soul and keeps pulling the soul outward. But when that same mind becomes pure with Simran, it becomes transparent, it becomes the best friend of the soul and helps the soul to go within.

So, to make our minds pure, we have to make that habit of doing our Simran. And the more and more Simran we do, the more and more we will be able to make the mind pure.

Initially, we have to consciously make that effort and keep on reminding ourselves to do Simran. But gradually, that becomes a habit.

So, we should also listen to our Masters and follow Their instructions. We should also care about our soul and make this effort of going within, sitting for meditations every day, and listening to Satsangs every day.

* * *

So, the time is good and the atmosphere is quiet. So, let us make the most of it. Let’s close our eyes and sit for meditation.



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