“We have to work for our soul relentlessly and consistently every day.” — Baba Ram Singh

“The Masters come into this world and they awaken the soul and, from Their Satsangs, They try to convey to and awaken the soul, saying, ‘You are not this body with whom you are identifying. You are the son of God Almighty. You have come from God Almighty.’ Despite coming to know of that truth in the Satsang, the people are still lost in their attachment with their family and all the outside attachments of this world. And they continue to spend all their time in these outward attachments and pulls and pressures. They do not spend time to realize themselves to find the truth and go within.

“When we listen to the Masters and do our Bhajan Simran, and we are able to then cross the nine doors and go to the Tenth Door. And at that Tenth Door, or Third Eye, we realize our true selves. There we realize that we are not this body and we are not these senses. But we are different.

“So, when we do our meditation for about two and a half hours every day, consistently, then we will be definitely able to go within and we realize ourselves. We will be able to see for ourselves. Now, if you do not realize your self, then how are you going to realize God Almighty? How are you going to meet God Almighty?

“It’s only when we go within and realize the truth that we are different and we are not this body and these senses. There we start doing the true devotion of our Masters. We have more and more love and longing for the Master. And whatever Their Teachings, we start following that full Teaching that They are trying to explain. And then we start going within. Our journey within begins.

“Sant Mat is not a subject of talk. It is a subject of doing. The more we do, the more we follow and we put it in practice, the more we will be able to get success on this Path. You can see the history of any of the Masters, and you will see that They have done a lot of hardship. They have done Their practices. They have stayed awake through the night and They have been able to do a lot of meditation. And that is how They have been able to go within and realize God Almighty.

“So, it is incumbent on us to do our meditations regularly. We should listen to Satsang every day, and we should take time for doing our meditation. And then, that is our true work. That is the work of the soul and that will take us back to God Almighty. That is what will take us out of this ocean of life and death.

“Masters have shown us the three paths of doing our devotion and going within. It is Simran and the contemplation of the Master. So, the meditation, Bhajan, which is listening to the Sound Current within and doing seva [selfless service] as told to us by our Masters. So, it is when we get associated and we spend our time doing these three things, then we automatically move on this Path of going within.

“We should also listen to Satsang every day. And if we feel that we will do our devotion by listening to Satsang in fifteen, twenty days, or once a month, then that is not going to happen. You have to make it a practice to listen to Satsang every day — even if you have to listen for only half an hour. And the other thing is to do your Bhajan Simran and Dhyan every day.

“So, that again, sometimes, when we do and sometimes, we leave it, again, we will not be successful. We have to consistently listen to Satsang every day and consistently do our meditation every day.

— Baba Ram Singh, Satsang Discourse, If We Have The Same Love For The Master At Home As We Have In The Master’s Company, Then We Can Be Successful



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