We Should Not Look At Meditation As A Burden: “Just as it is important to feed our body, every day we eat food, it is equally important to do Bhajan* Simran*, which is the food of the soul.” (Baba Ram Singh Ji)

When The Simran Increases, Our Love And Attention Automatically Gets Focused Within

“BABA JI USED TO ALWAYS SAY in His Satsang* that we should not look at Bhajan Simran as a burden. We should do it with love and affection. Without love and affection, it is not possible to do Bhajan, because our mind is outwardly bound to all outside attachments and desires. So, when we sit for meditation and it is not with love and affection, then it is a very dry kind of Bhajan and we don’t get the satisfaction from that Bhajan.

“Mahatmas say that there is only one love in us. That love, we have to see where that should be directed. So, if that is directed at the Feet of the Master, then we will get success in Bhajan. So, that one love, which we have, it is very easy to direct it outside, because we are attached outside. Our desires, our attachments, are all outside. So, the love for those things and our love, which is there, again gets connected in that direction. So, it becomes difficult when we sit for Bhajan. We are unable to get that love and affection at the Feet of the Master.

“But, when we sit for meditation, if we do our Simran and we focus on our Simran then, as the Simran keeps increasing and progressing, our love and attention automatically start getting focused within and our love and affection goes to the Feet of the Master. And, someday when we get the taste of Naam* within, then the mind completely changes within and starts focusing our love and attention within. And then we are able to sit for longer time in meditations.

“It is difficult to bring about a transformation within ourselves unless we sit for meditation for longer hours. So, it is Simran, which enables us to do that. By doing Simran, we are able to, gradually, start sitting for longer hours and focusing within. And then, once we are able to do it lovingly and with affection then, gradually, our attention starts getting focused at the back of the Eye Center and we go and see the Radiant Form of the Master within.

“Currently, our mind is repeating all our outside thoughts. Everything that we are attached with outside keeps getting repeated and the mind is constantly in that repetition. So, if we start repeating the Naam given by the Master then, gradually, the mind will shift, and that repetition will be able to cut out the outside repetition.

“For this, it is equally important to listen to Satsang every day. If we listen to Satsang once in fifteen days or a month, then we will not be able to bring about that change or transformation. So, when we sit for Satsang at our homes, we can listen to those Satsangs in the DVDs. But, we should listen to that with complete focus and attention and with full love and affection, and leave all our other outside things that we are doing for that time, during which we sit for Satsang. If we sit like that, then it is as good as sitting in the presence of the Master. So, we should listen to Satsang every day. We should do our Bhajan also every day. And, whenever we have some free time when the mind is idle, we should do our Simran during the rest of the day. Now, by doing that, we will definitely start getting interested in the Path within and we will start getting our success on the Path.

“Just as it is important to feed our body, every day we eat food, it is equally important to do Bhajan Simran, which is the food of the soul. By doing that, the soul will become stronger and the mind will become weaker.”

(Meditation Talk 12 Aug 2016 — Morning, Discourses of Baba Ram Singh, Volume IV)

Baba Ram Singh — We are blessed that his spiritual satsang discourses are becoming available in English these days, also those of Baba Somanath.

* Glossary of Spiritual Terms

Simran: Repetition of names or thoughts; in Sant Mat, the simran of worldly thoughts is controlled through the Simran of the Five Charged Names, repeated by an initiate throughout the day and when sitting for meditation as a means of collecting the thought currents at the Third Eye Center; also used as a password of sorts to higher planes and protection from Negative Power influences

Bhajan: Devotional practice of listening to the inner Sound Current; devotional song written by a Saint

Satsang: Lit. “In Association with Truth”; to be in the company of the Truth of a Living Master; typically, outwardly, through hearing the Master’s discourses and receiving His Darshan; also, in the inner context, meaning to be absorbed in the inner Sound Current of Truth

Naam: Sound Current, synonymous with Shabd, Dhun, Logos, etc, lit. “Name”; also, the mantra or words given to initiates during Initiation or Naam Daan

Naam Daan: Initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga by a Living Master, connecting the soul with the Inner Sound Current, the power of Naam, or Shabd



This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”

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