When We Sit Lovingly and With Affection and So Our Meditation and Simran and Dhyan Within, Then the Master Also Showers His Grace, and He Manifests the Shabd Within. So, Shabd is the Biggest Thing. — From A Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh

Swami Ji Maharaj says, “You have to control your senses. You have to lock up all your senses and all your desires, which are all your lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, all of that. You have to refrain from all of this if you want to progress on this Path.”

Also, if you are now a devotee on this Path, then you should also have control of the senses of your ears, your nose, and your tongue.

The sense of the ear is responsible for almost sixty percent of the outwardly thought processes that we carry because it loves to listen to all the slandering and all the other things. People want to talk about each other and all the gossip, and it keeps us dissipated in the world because of this. So, we have to refrain from doing all of this. We have to control that sense, and our attention should be within, towards the God Almighty, towards our Master.

The other is the sense of our eyesight, our eyes, which again are responsible for a lot of outward distractions. For a devotee, this also has to be well within control.

Likewise, also the nose, our sense of smell, that also gets attracted to all the nice smells and aromas and does not like all the bad and foul smell. So, the devotee has also to refrain and control himself from the sense of smell.

The other is the sense of our tongue, our taste. And it is this sense, which again draws us to eat all kinds of tasty foods, which also have an influence on the mind. So, a devotee should accept the food that he gets as given to him by the God Almighty, by his Guru, and with that, it helps and it has a lot of good influence on his devotion and his meditation.

If we are able to control all of these senses, we focus our attention within, we are compassionate, we are humble and we are not carried away by all these senses, then we get the Grace of the Master earlier than later.

Indri thaan bishay ko tyaago,
Surt shabd mein nitt lagaana.
Saar padaarath guru se paa’o,
Charan kanval mein preet barrhaana.

When we sit lovingly and with affection and do our meditation and Simran and Dhyan within, then the Master also showers His Grace, and He manifests the Shabd within. So, Shabd is the biggest thing. And once that is manifested within, our mind, which is completely outwardly focused, and our attention, which is outwardly focused, completely gets under control, because of the Shabd within.

Because in this Shabd, there is so much enjoyment, there is so much intoxication, that the mind stays focused on the Shabd and it kicks away all of its worldly, outwardly pursuits. So, it is only with a still mind that the Sar Shabd gets manifested within. And the mind gets still because of the Shabd, which gets manifested first. The mind also then comes to know of its True Self. It realizes that it is not the senses, it is not this body, and it realizes that it is a part of the Brahm, and it starts going towards that. Once the mind gets on the Path, it helps the soul also to progress upwards and towards God Almighty. And the two together then progress upwards.

So, other than Surat Shabd, there is no other means for controlling the mind. Swami Ji Maharaj has said, “With more than one crore efforts that one would put forth, the mind cannot be controlled. The mind is only controlled with the listening to the Shabd within.” The Shabd is the Grace of the Satguru, or the Master, and only with His Grace, this Shabd gets manifested within.

Saar padaarath guru se paa’o,
Charan kanval mein preet barrhaana.
Dhaara agam pakarr surt jorro,
Is satsang mein sada samaana.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, “There are two types of Satsangs.” One is the Satsang that the Master says through His mouth and in His presence when we listen to Him. That is one Satsang. The other Satsang is when the Shabd gets manifested within and our soul gets connected to the Shabd. Then, at that point, that is the second Satsang that Swami Ji Maharaj points to.

Once the soul gets connected to the Shabd within, it realizes this full illusion of Kal and Maya. It realizes that we have got nothing to do with all this illusion, and it realizes the Reality. And then, True Love for the Master gets manifested within because we understand this full illusion outside. And the soul and the mind get focused at the Lotus Feet of the Master.

So, these are the two Satsangs. The Satsang within, when the soul gets connected to the Shabd and it realizes itself and realizes the Reality; and the Satsang that the Masters give outside, to encourage the souls to go within.

Dhaara agam pakarr surt jorro,
Is satsang mein sada samaana.
Chali surat nabh dwaara jhaanka,
Anda teen lok darsaana.

When the soul gets connected to the Shabd, it travels on the Shabd, with the Shabd upwards, and then it comes to know of all of the three worlds. And it understands the reality of wonder, which is the physical, astral, and causal world.

So, when do we realize the Truth? We realize the Truth when the soul gets connected to the Shabd, and that Shabd, the manifestation of that Shabd, is what Masters say is the True Naam. Shabd is the only means to go back to God Almighty. The soul has descended from the God Almighty into this world by means of the Shabd Itself, and the Shabd Itself acts as a ladder for the soul to go back to the God Almighty.

— From A Satsang Discourse by Baba Ram Singh



This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints and Poet-Mystics, Radhasoami, and, The Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga: "Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).”

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