Why Masters of Inner Light and Sound Instruct Students Not to Share With Others Details About Their Inner Experiences, by James Bean

Not everyone is at the same level. Each person’s spiritual or mystical experiences are unique to themselves based on the amount of time spent in mediation, how accurately they follow the meditation instructions, the depth of their focus or concentration, and karmic background/mental impressions from past lives/samskaras. Each person needs to focus on their own experiences and progress without being contaminated by the beliefs or expectations of others about what “should” or “shouldn’t” be happening, or be discouraged if their experiences aren’t as wonderful as someone else’s are alleged to be, or get egotistical if they have great experiences. I appreciate the master’s approach of not seeking a revival tent or carnival atmosphere where people would be eager to “share” about experiences, making the whole thing into a corrupt farce of public bragging and false mental beliefs, which of course would interfere or subvert one’s authentic process of inner seeing and hearing.

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