Gnostic Gospels, Contemplative or Mystical Christianity, the Lost Books and Spirituality of the West

“Come, that I may teach you about secrets no person has ever seen. For there exists a Great and Boundless Realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen, in which there is a Great Invisible Spirit, which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and it was never called by any name*.” (Yeshua, quoted in, The Gnostic Gospel of Judas)

Note: *”Never called by any name”, as in the Nameless God or Anami;

Gnostic and Contemplative/Mystical Christian E Books, Also Lists of Essential Translations, Links, and Articles

FOR AN INTRODUCTION TO GNOSTICISM, SEE: The Gnostic Mystery — A Connection Between Ancient and Modern Mysticism — some Gnostic-Sant Mat comparative mysticism by Andrea Diem Lane:

The Hebrew Christian/Nasoraean/Ebionite/Clementine/James the Just Page: The Original Christianity (Christianity Before Paul), A Collection of Ebionite Scriptures and Vegetarian Gospels of the Jesus Movement (affiliated with James the Just or Teacher of Righteousness, early Jewish/Hebrew Christian sources, John the Baptist Group, Aramaic Mandaean Texts, etc…):

The Gospel of the Sayings of Jesus: Gospel of Thomas Home Page, with several online translations:

Gospel of Thomas: Multiple Translations and Commentary:

Summarizing the Spiritual Message of the Gospel of Thomas in the Context of Syriac Mysticism:

The sayings attributed to Jesus but uniquely associated with the Gospel of Thomas tradition also were also quoted far and wide in other early Christian writings. An impressive book documenting the transmission of these “Thomasonian” parallel sayings of Jesus is: Extracanonical Sayings of Jesus, by William D. Stroker, Published by Scholars Press, Atlanta (1989) ISBN 10: 1555400558, ISBN 13: 9781555400552 Also also see:

An Introduction to, and Collections of, Various Categories of Extra-Canonical Scriptures and Biblical Literature:

The Gnostic Bible — Gnostic Texts of Mystical Wisdom from the Ancient and Medieval Worlds — Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Mandaean, Manichaean, Islamic and Cathar, Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer:

The Other Bible — Gnostic Gospels, Dead Sea Scrolls, Visionary Wisdom Texts, Christian Apocrypha, Jewish Pseudepigrapha, Kabbalah:

The Fall and Rise of the Gnostics, An Introduction to the Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library and the Subject of Gnosticism:

Dialogue With the Savior — It’s a very damaged Coptic text. The version in the Nag Hammadi Library is difficult to get follow, but this particular translation turns what’s left of it into pleasant reading:

The Nag Hammadi Library Codex Index:

The Nag Hammadi Library Alphabetical Index: And:

Lost Books of the Bible, the Nag Hammadi Library Discovery, and Sayings About Mystical Light:

The Sermon on the Light — Also, The Light Motif in Gnostic and Other Western Sacred Texts:

Gospel of Mary Magdalene:

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene — Robert Price Reconstructed Version:

“The soul answered, ‘I saw you. You did not see me nor did you know me. You mistook the garment I wore for my true self. And you did not recognize me.’”

“I was set loose from a world….. and from the chain of forgetfulness that exists in time.”

— Gospel of Mary Magdalene Online:

Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Article by James Bean:

Why Do Gnostics Consider Mary Magdalene the Greatest Apostle? by Miguel Conner:

The Book of the Knowledge (Gnosis) of the Invisible God, An Unrecognized Dialogues Gospel Embedded in the Bruce Codex, Placed at the Beginning of the First Book of IEOU:

Bardaisan and Syriac Gnosis:

References to Bardaisan at Gnosis dot org:

Sethian Writings:

The Gospel of Judas (from Codex Tchacos):

The Gospel of Judas:

Valentinus: And also see:

Gnostics, Gnostic Gospels, & Gnosticism (Gospel of Thomas, Secret Book of James, Basilides, Naassene Fragment, Gospel of Mary, Dialogue of the Savior, Gospel of the Savior, Marcion, Epiphanes, Ophite Diagrams, Ptolemy, Gospel of Truth, Excerpts of Theodotus, Heracleon, Acts of Peter, Acts of Thomas): And also see:

Coptic Apocrypha, edited by E. Wallis Budge (a Life of Pisentius, an Encomium on John the Baptist, attributed to Saint John Chrysostom, Instructions by Pachomius the Archimandrite, Repose of Saint John the Evangelist and Apostle, The Book of the Resurrection by Bartholomew the Apostle):

Writings of Evagrius of Ponticus:

The Philokalia — All Five Volumes — PDF File Format:

The Philokalia — All Five Volumes — Formats at the Internet Archive:

The Books of Jeu and the Untitled Text in the Bruce Codex:

Pistis Sophia:

Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth Heavens (Hermetic, Nag Hammadi):

The Corpus Hermeticum, translated by G.R.S. Mead:

Oration on the Dignity of Man, by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola:

The Sentences of Sextus the Pythagorean — See Links to Various Collections: Sayings 1–114:

Sentences of Sextus, Sayings 157–180 & 307–397:

A Complete Translation (Sayings 1–451), The Sentences of Sextus, A Contribution to the History of Early Christian Ethics, Edited by Henry Chadwick:

Early Christian Writings Library — a very comprehensive collection of sacred texts of the West:

Gnostic Library @ — Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic Gospels, Nag Hammadi Library, Corpus Hermeticum, Mandaean, Manichaean, Cathar:

Sacred_Texts Website:

Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

The Jacob Boehme Library:

Early Jewish Writings:

The Zohar:


Dead Sea Scrolls:

Book of First Enoch:

Book of Second Enoch:

Book of Third Enoch:

Gnostic — Sant Mat Comparative Mysticism: An Inclusive Rather Than Exclusive Spirituality — Kirpal Singh and the Lesson of Nag Hammadi — Rather than confining themselves to only reading the Old and New Testaments or teachings exclusively from Orthodox Christian sources, these monks of Nag Hammadi had a surprisingly diverse collection of writings that can only be characterized as inter-faith and multi-traditional. In other words, they were also studying the scriptures of other religions and mystical movements of their day….. Kirpal Singh was a prolific writer, publishing scores of books over the years, quoting from most every world scripture, mystic, poet, philosopher, and great Master that has ever existed spanning the centuries, very much embodying this same curiosity and inclusive universal spirituality we find present in the Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt. May the legacy of both always be remembered and honored for all time to come — Document at

Mandaean Aramaic Gnosis

Mandaean Beliefs and Practices:



The Mandaean Book of John the Baptist:

Mandaean Scriptures:

Mandaean Scriptures:

Mandaean Scriptures:

Revisiting the Mandaeans and the New Testament:

Manichaeans — The Prophet Mani

Manichaean Writings at

Manichaean Psalms:

Psalms of Thomas:

Wikipedia Entry:

Parthian Hymns:

Manichaean Hymns:

An Introduction to the Manichaean Religion:

The Life of Mani:

At the Gnosis Library:

(Also see the books, The Other Bible, and, The Gnostic Bible, both edited by Willis Barnstone)

The School of Saint Thomas — The Church of the East

The earliest Saint Thomas community scriptures include: Odes of Solomon, Gospel of Thomas, Tatian’s Gospel Harmony (Diatessaron), Dialogue of the Saviour, Thomas the Spiritual Athlete (Contender), Mar-sanes, Acts of Thomas (including the Hymn of the Pearl), Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles I-II by William Wright, published by Georg Olms Verlag (includes the Acts of Thomas and other books of acts all from Syriac manuscripts), Psalms of Thomas. writings of Bardaisan.

I wonder if the Gospel of Mary Magdalene should be on the same list, as it seems to have a relationship to the Gospel of Thomas sayings, including saying 114.

After the original Gnostic period of the Thomas Community, the Syriac East branched out in a few different directions: Nestorian, Syrian Orthodox, Manichaean, and in China the Daqin group (Church of the Light, and their scriptures: The Jesus Sutras, translated by Martin Palmer).

Gorgias Press has some Mandaean, Manichaean, and Syriac writings (Sebestian Brock’s translations) and the Syriac classic: The Letters of John of Dalyatha, By Mary T. Hansbury:

The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, translated by Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications, contains some writings of Saint Isaac the Syrian, along with the sacred Aramaic writings of many other Syriac saints and mystics. In fact, that book for me is somewhat like the Nag Hammadi Library. In other words, it’s a collection of rare writings representing a whole community, like the Nag Hammadi, Corpus Hermeticum, and Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian, is published by a monastery in Boston:

Also, there are some Syriac related volumes in that amazing massive collection known as, The Classics of Western Spirituality: Ephrem the Syrian, Pseudo Dionysius, and Pseudo-Macarius:

More Syriac Sources: Recommended Sebastian Brock/Syriac-Aramaic Books in English

There are several books by Syriac scholar Sebastian Brock available from Gorgias Press. It includes: The Wisdom of St. Isaac of Nineveh, Select Poems of Ephrem the Syrian, The Bible in the Syriac Tradition, and Introduction to Syriac Studies. Gorgias Press:

Also available are other books by Brock including, The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage, and books of other Syriac Saints translated into English.

Note: Gorgias also has several books on the Mandaean Gnostics of Iraq and Iran.

Syriac Books — Various Publishers

Treasure-house of Mysteries: Explorations of the Sacred Text Through Poetry in the Syriac Tradition, by Sebastian Brock — NEW BOOK:

The Wisdom of Isaac of Nineveh: A Bilingual Edition, By Sebastian P. Brock, Gorgias Press;

The Letters of John of Dalyatha, translated from Syriac-Aramaic by Mary Hansbury, published by Gorgias Press — a very important recent book on Light-mysticism;

The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications — an excellent anthology of Syriac mystics and saints, a kind of Syriac “Philokalia” or “Nag Hammadi”-like collection of important texts;

The Book of Common Prayer of the Syrian Church, Bede Griffiths, Gorgias Press;

Daily Readings With….St. Isaac of Syria, Sebastian Brock, Templegate Publishers;

The Luminous Eye — The Spiritual World Vision of Saint Ephrem the Syrian, Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications;

Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles I/II, William Wright, Georg Olms Verlag (Books), contains Acts of Thomas with the Hymn of the Pearl and other hymns, from the Syriac;

A Garland of Hymns from the Early Church, translated from Syriac by Sebastian Brock, St. Athanasius’ Coptic Publishing Center, 1989, Mclean, VA USA — includes some of the Odes of Solomon along with other early psalms;

A Collection of Syriac Printed Texts Available Online:

Odes of Solomon Book List — Book of the Odes

This is a nice edition of the ODES, the James Charlesworth translation:

Also see this page about the ODES:

ODE 13 at Youtube recited in English and Syriac:

All of the ODES, talking book at Youtube:

The Book of the Odes (Odes of Solomon):

The Apocryphal Old Testament, edited by H.F.D. Sparks, Claredon Press/Oxford University Press — contains one of the best overall complete translation of the Odes to date;

The Gnostic Bible, edited by Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer (pictured at the top of the page) also contains a most excellent complete translation of the Odes along with many other essential texts of interest for the Gnostic-curious reader.

The Odes of Solomon, Wayne Monbleau, Loving Grace Ministries, New Jersey — uses the J. Rendel Harris translation;

Also see: The Odes of Solomon, translated by James H. Charlesworth;

Jesus Sutras of the Daqin Religion of the Light (Church of the East/Syriac/Nestorian/Manichaean Gnosis Based in China)

Assyrian Church of the East in China by Martin Palmer:

The Jesus Sutras — Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity:

The Jesus Sutras: An Ancient Message for a Post-Modernist Future:

The Lost Sutras of Jesus: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of the Xian Monks, by Ray Riegert and Thomas Moore:

The Lost Sutras of Jesus: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of the Xian Monks, by Ray Riegert and Thomas Moore:

Jesus Sutras — Wikipedia:


April DeConick’s Forbidden Gospel’s Blog:

Sadhu Sundar Singh, At the Master’s Feet:

Michael Raysson: Jacob Boehme and His Teachings:

John Davidson and Russell Perkins

John Davidson: The Gospel of Jesus — In Search of His Original Teachings (from Google Books):

John Davidson: The Prodigal Soul — Wisdom of Ancient Parables — The Robe of Glory (from Google Books):

John Davidson: The Odes of Solomon — Mystical Songs from the Time of Jesus (from Google Books):

The Book of the Odes (Odes of Solomon):

Russell Perkins: The Stranger of Galilee — The Sermon on the Mount and the Universal Spiritual Tradition (INTRODUCTION):

Russell Perkins: The Stranger of Galilee — The Sermon on the Mount and the Universal Spiritual Tradition, by Russell Perkins (CHAPTERS 1–28 — On this page, scroll down to various PDF Files of the book):

Gnostic Book List

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures: The Revised and Updated Translation of Sacred Gnostic Texts Complete in One Volume, by Marvin W. Meyer;

The Complete Gospels (contains what remains of over 30 ancient gospels including Reconstructed Q, Coptic and Greek editions of the Gospel of Thomas, and Gospel of the Savior), Robert J. Miller;

Pistis Sophia: The Gnostic Tradition of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and His Disciples, by G.R.S. Mead;

The Gospel of Thomas: The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus, by Jean-Yves Leloup and Jacob Needleman;

The Earliest Christian Hymnbook: The Odes of Solomon, by James H. Charlesworth;

The Gnostic Bible, Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer;

The Other Bible, Willis Barnstone;

The Unvarnished New Testament, Andy Gaus;

The Jerusalem Bible (and/or New Jerusalem Bible) is a good translation of Old and New Testaments with Apocrypha;

The Gnostic Scriptures: A New Translation with Annotations and Introductions, by Bentley Layton;

LINKS: INTER-FAITH LINKS PAGE: Sacred Texts, World Scriptures: from Apocrypha to Zoroaster: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikh, Taoism, Gnostic, Kabbalah, Judaism, Sufism, Islam, Christian Scriptures and Mystical Texts, Bahai Faith, Druze, Mandaean, etc…:

Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts — Online Satsangs providing words of light and love for the spiritual journey, exploring the Sant Tradition of India, Santmat — Sant Mat, Surat Shabd Yoga — Inner Light and Sound Meditation, Radhasoami — Radhaswami, the Path of the Masters:

The Sant Mat Satsang PODcast at Blog Talk Radio, an online library of PODcasts available on-demand — Sant Mat Radio:

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