A Thanksgiving Survival Guide for Students Staying on-Campus

Although many of us go home for Thanksgiving, many Broncos remain on campus for various reasons. For those who are staying at SCU for the week, here are a few tips and tricks to make the best out of it.

Get some sleep

Sleep is good.

You deserve to get 8 whole hours of sleep, everyday, for this whole week. We already know that getting enough sleep is important for not only for physical health, but our mental health. Take care of your own body and get some good rest — go ahead and just sleep without setting an alarm.

Find others who are also staying around

Picture from SCU’s International Club

You are definitely not the only one that will be staying at SCU over thanksgiving break. If you are, you should join the SCU International Club for their Thanksgiving Lunch Event with food and friends.

Treat yourself


Whether is baking or cooking your own food, this is the week to eat! Here are a bunch of Thanksgiving Desserts recipes on Tastemade that you can test and explore for the week! Or if you are not into sweets, try some other Thanksgiving Food recipes. Okay, and if you just don’t want to cook at all, check out this list of restaurants for the Best Thanksgiving Dinner in San Jose by Yelp.


Photo by Lisa Bao, at Burney Falls

California is a beautiful state, so grab your friends and start exploring. From beaches, to forests, to waterfalls, you name it! Take time to just enjoy nature and your surroundings. Here is a blog post to inspire you and awake the adventurous part of you : 25 Amazing Adventures For Your California Bucket List.

Get ahead

If you are feeling productive, go ahead and make some study guides and start studying for those exams. Or crank out a outline for those projects, essays and presentations. Here are some extra tips for people who struggle with making study guides.

Be grateful

Finally, let us all embrace the holiday spirit, and appreciate people around us. Give thanks to the little things, to those who make you smile, and just celebrate life.

Have a great one, Broncos.