Have you ever left a job? We’d like to know your reasons

Patrik Nygren under a Creative Commons license

Many companies fight a war of talent as a consequence of the imbalances of the labor market. In such a scenario, firms need to adjust their traditional people management practices in order to attract and select the best candidates, enable those professionals to work at their best, and sustain that attraction over time.

To do so many employers have introduced “exit interviews” where they ask departing employees for their reasons to leave. The goal is to collect information to decide what it takes to craft (or maintain) a compelling “employment value proposition” (at least more compelling than their competitors in the talent market).

However, those interviews are often affected by the emotions of the moment, and the desire of departing employees not to damage their relation with their now former employers.

In fact, there is evidence that information generated through follow-up questionnaires and interviews conducted by external consultants tends to be more negative than data collected by company management, suggesting a distortion of data gathered via this last method (Hinrichs, 1975).

In this context we are launching a research project to understand the actual reasons why departing employees choose to leave a company. For that purpose, we have composed a questionnaire we invite you to complete if you have done left a company yourself within the past five years.

To complete the questionnaire you just need to click the following link. It will only take a few minutes of your time:


Notice that the questionnaire has been designed to preserve the confidentiality of individual answers: all the participants use the same link, and we don’t ask personal details such as name or email address.

With the data we collect we intend to produce a report we will publish on this blog.

If you know someone who has voluntarily left a job we would appreciate if you forward them the above link so they can also participate in this study.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Ref.: Hinrichs, John R. Measurement of reasons for resignation of professionals: Questionnaire versus company and consultant exit interviews. Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 60(4), Aug 1975, 530–532.

Link to Spanish version