What is the intention of this blog?

I think that as my entries in this blog are going to be public, I might as well make a first introductory entry to clarify my intentions to whomever wishes to read it. I’ll be brief:


Born: 1994.

Studies: Engineer in Innovation and Development with a major in Mechanical-Electrical and Systems Engineering.

Occupation: Management Consulting Analyst and professional drummer.


Through analysis, as well as a personal and community introspection, I intent to address issues that may generate some personal and/or social conflict to conclude in an agreement of positive change.

On the other hand, I might also post content out of this context for my own recreation from time to time.

I intend to

  • Create engaging and pleasant content, without attacking anyone.
  • Promote a space of personal and social growth for both the readers and myself.
  • Open the dialogue and discussion so that it becomes a productive excercise for us all.
  • Discuss topics and concepts where I identify a possible area of opportunity, with solid arguments.
  • Generate community solutions and agreements.
  • Express my opinion and own thoughts on the subjects of the entries.
  • Keep myself and the forum open to all of the readers’ contributions.
  • Nurture change.

I don’t intend to

  • Offend absolutely no one.
  • Have all the answers.
  • Always be right.
  • Have a 100% objective view. Altough I like to try.
  • Impose rules to follow.
  • Develop research and analysis worthy of a research center. I will only use data and reliable sources when I see fit, to keep this low key.
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