A quick look at the Santiment token sale distribution

The Santiment token sale is officially over and it has been quite the ride. With your help, our max cap of 45,000 ETH is achieved in the Santiment token sale contract. Thanks for your participation everyone!

At this stage, we would like to touch on two things. First, what the total distribution was, and second the lessons we learned (and that we’ll share with the community later).

For the distribution, there were a total of 710 participants, with the largest single contribution in the token sale being 1886.6 ETH. That makes this a fair distribution in our books, exactly what we are aiming for! But the specifics are quite interesting.

Santiment community distribution chart

In the community whitelist portion, we had a total of 603 participants claiming more than 32,000 ETH. And the whole process was extremely smooth and unrushed.

In contrast, the CFI portion was highly competitive with just 139 participants totalling 12,990.93 ETH, selling out in only 3 blocks. It is also interesting to note that some participated in both Stage 1 & 2.

CFI distribution chart

Again, here’s how the net distribution looks together:

Net distribution chart

When we designed the Santiment token sale, we had one major goal: To secure a wide and fair token distribution. Only with a wide distribution could we maximize the strength of our network. We’re happy to say that goal has been accomplished.

There were a total of 710 Santiment token sale participants.
The highest ETH contribution was just 1886.6 ETH.
The average ETH contribution was just 63.7 ETH.

Overall, we had a nice pool of participants that’s more or less evenly distributed with no whales controlling a majority.

Well, that’s it for a quick look at the token sale. We will provide a detailed review and lessons to be shared in a future post.

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