As autumn falls on the crypto world…

Greetings, traders and investors — modern samurais of the crypto space!

We have a short update for you on what we’ve been doing lately.

First, some positive statistics. Since our first newsletter, our number
of subscribers has more than doubled! It might be hard to match that growth rate all the time, but we think this is a good sign that we’re targeting a real problem traders and investors face in their daily activities (or at least, there is strong interest).

It’s a hard task ahead of us, though. There’s nothing easy in identifying bottoms and tops in crypto markets — let alone tracking our emotional involvement in each of our trading decisions — so we’re spending most of our time and effort on building a solution to this problem (rather than writing blog posts. Or sleeping. :)

Right now we are working on a mock-up version of our mobile app.
We’re taking an iterative design-driven approach to tackling the big amount of “unknowns” on our way. After few iterations within a smaller group,
we will share the results with you, our community. So, look forward to some screenshots!

We are also experimenting with “artificial intelligence” analyses of text and social media. We don’t want this kind of sentiment building to be the central point of our platform (i.e., sentiment analysis based solely on watching external sources — direct community participation is best!), but we see some clear and positive use for it.

Also, we are working on a white paper for future fundraising. Our target publication date is somewhere in January (though we might change this date a bit, according to feedback we receive during iterations). After observing various tokens sales over the the last few months, its relatively
easy to see which fundraising practices are good and which are better to avoid. Receiving community feedback is aways a good idea. And although its not widespread practice, we want to be as transparent as possible about our product development so everyone… especially novice token buyers… understand what we are doing and understand the risks. We believe we can deliver a high-demand product, but we also know that early stage investment can be a gamble, and we’re not out to fool anyone. We will look for ways to communicate clearly, directly and honestly whenever we can. More details will follow in approximately one month.

For those of you interested in our sentiment calls on different crypto assets, check out our Twitter account at These calls are based on analyses of a great amount of market and social data. In the future, when our platform is built up, we as a community will be able to generate such calls regularly. Not all of them will flow into Twitter (as is the case now), but we will continually share a little bit of our community wisdom to keep the outside world interested in what we are doing.

Quick note though. There will be no updates to Twitter or blog posts for the next 10 days. The leading sentiment ant will be taking some time out to refocus his mental energy.

We do want to thank you for your readership, and your patience, and we’ll be back with you soon!