Development Update: July 23, 2018

A token economy is born… SAN staking is now live!

Plus we have a few more updates to share (developers, researchers and data scientists, we’re looking at you in particular). But first, let’s talk about what nearly everyone has been asking us since SAN was minted on July 4, 2017 — when can I actually use my SAN, and what for?

Well, the wait is over. Now you can log into SANbase and check out our first experiments (“beta” status, we’re still trying out ideas) in blockchain integrations that require SAN staking to use:

  • New Sentiment data feed: Visit any token’s detail page and you’ll see a Sentiment metric that you can plot against price. This metric is based on an aggregation of sentiment measurements for the crypto market in general, and currently requires a stake of at least 1000 SAN to access.
Stake 1000 SAN to view Sentiment against Price
  • Insights voting: We did a soft launch of our Insights feature this past May, which allows you to record your investment or trading ideas and optionally share them with the community. With this latest update, we’ve integrated SAN staking into the mix. Like an Insight someone else has published? Click the heart icon below the Insight to show your appreciation. This feature requires any SAN balance to use (no minimum required, just have some SAN!) However, the more SAN you have, the more “weight” or importance your vote carries. In the future, the amount you stake may also shape the types of Insights you see in custom feeds we’re exploring.
New voting feature shows number of votes and amount of staked SAN they represent
  • Beta charts and data feeds in Grafana: Our closed beta has revealed some interesting, possibly actionable metrics such as Price/Volume signals and Daily Active Address activity. Unlike in SANbase, where the data is more cleaned and packaged, the data in Grafana is fairly raw and takes some experience to interpret. However, there’s a lot to look at including experimental on-chain and sentiment feeds. A 200 SAN balance unlocks the full historical data. You can use your SANbase login to access it at
Access a wide selection of new data feeds
Experimental visualizations

Granted, this is just the beginning. We’re still figuring out pricing models and which features are most useful to our community, so we’ll be doing a lot of experimenting over the next weeks and months. The technical capability however, is in place. We know we can integrate the SAN token into SANbase services — so that in itself we find pretty exciting.

Make something cool with our API

Developers, a SANbase API is now available! Tap into the raw data and play to your heart’s content. Plus a Python library is available as well, which allows you to get the data into a datagram with just a few lines of code. We’d love to see what you create!

(ETA: We’ve just integrated staking with API access, requiring least 1000 SAN for real-time and historical data. If you’re willing to publish your project however, and help kick off the SAN token economy, we may make an exception for you and wave the staking requirement. Contact us via the contact form on the Contributors page on our website with your interest).

Here are a few projects our community members have developed already:

“Signals” Newsletter Debuts

In June, we released the first edition of our Signals Newsletter. You can see a copy online here.

At the moment we’re using this newsletter to broadcast summaries of actionable “signals”, i.e. when specific activity we’re tracking crosses certain thresholds. There are several interesting charts plotting these signals against the token price, so be sure to check them out. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Create a custom token list with Favorites

Finally, we’ve released a first version of Favorites! Once you’re logged into SANbase, you can mark your favorite projects to create a custom list of tokens that you’re interested in. Currently you’ll need to go to each token’s detail page and click the star icon next to the token name. We’ll be expanding this feature in the very near future however, including making it easier to mark your Favorites plus adding the ability to create multiple custom lists, so feel free to play around with it now and stay tuned for updates.

Mark your favorite projects on their detail pages
The result is a custom list of Favorites

Thanks again for reading and for your continued support!

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