Development Update, May 12 2018

New datafeeds, demos, and devops… oh my!

Alot has been happening in SANbase since our last publication. The number of currencies we’re tracking keeps growing, and new datafeeds keep rolling in and crunching through an increasingly stouter backend system. We’re in the midst of a closed beta where we’re working with a few select members of our community on some exciting new visualizations and analyses. And there are a couple new features to play with, too. We’d love for you to try them out!

Let’s break it down a bit:

New on-chain datafeeds

Now you can plot Daily Active Addresses (DAA) and ETH Spent Over Time against the token price. DAA can be helpful in spotting potential buy/sell activity, while ETH spent can shed some light into a project’s cash flow.

We’ve also added a button to plot token prices against the price of ETH itself. For projects with wallet information available, you can see their top ETH transactions for further transparency.

Our CTO, Valentin Mihov, recently walked a group through the latest changes. Check out the recording here.

Community Webinar: SANbase Updates

Closed Beta with new blockchain, sentiment, and social metrics

We’re testing many new datafeeds and visualizations through a separate Grafana interface before adding them to SANbase. These include feeds such as Price/Volume correlation, Exchange Flow (tokens moving in and out of exchanges), social metrics from professional trading chats, and more.

If you have experience… or even a strong interest… in working with rawer and more experimental datasets to test hypotheses and develop revealing visualizations, we’d love for you to join us! Contact any of us on the team in our Discord for more details.

You all can get a sneak peak at it though, right here:

Community Webinar: Closed Beta Metrics

New currency pages

In addition to our ERC20 projects list, we’ve added a Currencies page with details for the “big” coins (BTC, BCH, LTC, etc). Also check out a dedicated Ethereum page with metrics for ETH itself plus expanded details for ERC20 projects including ETH wallets, amount of ETH collected during ICOs, and and amount of ETH spent in the last 30 days.

Insights feature released

Our first feature integrated with login — Insights — is now available! The functionality is pretty basic at the moment… simply log in with email or MetaMask and unlock the full Insights functionality.

You can use Insights to record your observations, ideas about market movements, notes when you make trades, etc. Keep your Insights as a private journal (visible only to you), or choose to share them with the community.

Anyone can read publicly posted Insights, but you’ll need to log in to create your own or vote for Insights you like. (And in the very near future you’ll need some SAN tokens associated with your account as well, as SAN staking is next up, in testing now).

This is a first release… we’ll be polishing it a lot… but would love your first impressions. Give Insights a spin here.

Signals Telegram Bot released

Here’s another new goodie to play with: a first-release Telegram bot that will keep you informed about events you care about.

The bot is primarily a news source at the moment. You get top 5 news every hour or two, with a source selection from 15 channels so far, including top BlockChain channels in Reddit, Steemit and Coindesk. The bot also allows you to track any mentions in the media about topics you are interested in, by token (SAN, EOS, etc), country (Korea, Russia, etc), or general topics (like “sentiment”).

Perhaps more importantly though, the bot provides a platform that we’re considering using to deliver our other Signals in development, such as price/volume divergence alert, exchange and transaction events alerts, and other indicators that you will be able to select ala carte and customize.

You can find the bot at @SantiDemoBot in Telegram.

Devops/Infrastructure Improvements

Pumping all this data from the blockchain to you takes some serious horsepower. So we’ve been beefing up our infrastructure and operations software and processes to improve system performance and stability.

We’ve also been working out ways to add datafeeds faster, and exploring how to hook up other blockchains outside ETH into our pipeline (this will be the next significant technical task).

That’s it for now… hopefully it was worth the wait.

Stay tuned for the next update and thanks much for your support!

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