Goodbye Slack and hello open-source messaging platform

Santiment will migrate to Rocket.Chat along with other Ethereum projects

Sep 22, 2017 · 2 min read
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Oh Slack…. How do I say this…

For the longest time, Slack has been the go-to communication platform for most cryptocurrency projects, ours included. But in the course of the past few months, it has gotten to a state that just does not serve the growing needs of crypto communities. Many of you probably have your fair share of scam/phishing encounters in DMs or via Slackbot. So much so that it is now a scammer’s paradise and with their latest update, it has stopped enforcing unique usernamesThings just got worst.

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Typical scam message in Slack.

All of the above posts as very real security risks to our community and security is something we take very seriously at Santiment. After much consideration, we are happy to announce that it’s time to move away from Slack to Rocket.Chat.

And we are not alone.

Moving forward together

This has been a joint effort from the projects participating in the migration plan. Much thanks to Aragon for initializing the proposal for the crypto community after there had already been discussion on the subject from multiple projects. We came together as members of the same ecosystem and community to work on this plan to find an alternative that fit the needs of these cryptocurrency projects.

After much discussion and debate upon which open source platform would best fit our needs right now, we came to the conclusion of Rocket Chat being the one for us.

Projects that will be migrating together as a part of this effort are:

For more information about specific project’s migration plan go to their respective announcement for details.

What will happen next?

For now, there isn’t much you will have to do. Our Slack has already been closed to new registrations so it’s unlikely any new scammer/spammer will be able to join.

In the next few weeks to come, we will keep the community updated on further details of the migration. Till then, stay safe as always!


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