Introducing Santiment: A Better Way to Trade Crypto-Markets

So many coins to choose from! And like all assets on the market, any and all of these can devour your capital. Rest assured, Santiment is here to help ensure you have the market edge.

Cryptocurrency trading is bigger than ever and we’re onboarding 10s of thousands of new crypto traders and investors each month. But for all this growth, the crypto-markets are in a sorry state. They’re primitive, inefficient, and highly imbalanced, maximizing the advantage of a few highly informed people at your expense. That’s why we’re building Santiment. Santiment will give traders and investors in crypto a better way to navigate through the crypto-markets, by giving them the information and hard data they need to make informed decisions.

Think about it: The best traders in crypto aren’t making random, haphazard decisions or chasing arbitrary pumps. They use their information edge to enormous advantage, carefully planning entries and following through using tested trading strategies. And it makes them a fortune.

You might be trying something similar, though you may not be getting the results you’re looking for. There’s a fairly good reason for that. It’s probably because the key pieces of information you need just aren’t available to you. And at the rate things are going they won’t be anytime soon. More and more hedge funds are entering the space while pouring millions into building custom datafeeds and trading systems… an edge you might not be able to match.

The solution to that isn’t to wait meekly for more well-informed players to enter… it’s to heighten your access to information. It’s to give you an edge that is better than what other parties can build themselves. The solution is Santiment.

Among other things, we’re building datafeeds for a mobile terminal. A major first for crypto, and something absolutely necessary for the future crypto-markets.

Santiment is building the first datafeeds platform specifically for the crypto-markets. We’re making the means to track exactly what’s happening in the markets, with real time feeds. Just imagine if you could check blockchain analytics and wallet clusters, track whale balances, and check sentiment indicators with a few taps. See how your trading would change if you could directly measure the activity of a coin’s community up to the minute, while getting instant notification of dramatic news and a constant stream of expert-curated content.

How would an information edge transform your interaction with the crypto-markets? It could open up new quantitative trading strategies, or let you do deep analysis on projects without burning hours digging up old documents. It could let you track project performance in real time, using hard numbers and verifiable data. It could do so much more.

When you have a wealth of actionable information at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to transform your trading. Santiment will give you the tools, data, and information needed to give you that opportunity to your trading advantage. That’s what Santiment is creating: Blockchain’s market data infrastructure, made available to the world.

We’re going to transform crypto-markets with hard numbers and objective data, and we invite you to be a part of it. Join our newsletter NOW to get informed, as it happens: