Santiment’s Referral Program Relaunch!

Brian at Santiment
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5 min readJan 24, 2024


Santiment is proud to announce the relaunch of our referral program, now with increased commission rewards for ALL referrals you bring in!

Now you can earn 30% lifetime payouts for every customer you refer to Santiment. As long as they are members, you continue to get paid a portion of their subscription payments for as long as they remain subscribers.

How to start earning with Santiment?

  1. Go to your referral dashboard and create your own personalized referral link.
  2. Share your referral link with your network! You’ll earn 30% of the revenue for life.
  3. Track your earnings and payouts in your referral dashboard.

If you have previously enrolled in our referral program, check your referral dashboard to confirm if your referral link has changed! It is crucial to share the current link to ensure accurate tracking of new users referred by you.

Why join the referral program?

High commissions.

For the cheapest annual subscription, you get more than $155 per customer every year. You’ll receive payment again if that customer decides to renew.

Payouts in crypto.

Affiliates are paid via cryptocurrency using USDT and USDC coins.

Make marketing more efficient.

Utilize our collection of pre-made promotional materials to enhance your marketing efforts. These materials are designed to convert at a high rate and are readily available for your use.

Dedicated support.

Our support team and marketing department is always available on a priority basis to maximize the value of the partnership.

Who can become an affiliate?

  • KOLs
  • Crypto medias
  • Marketing agencies
  • Crypto communities
  • Crypto newsletters
  • Cryptocurrency education programs

We want to build prosperous, long-term partnerships with our affiliates.

While one-time collaborations can be enjoyable, Santiment is primarily focused on building lasting partnerships. Our goal is to grow together with you! Whether this entails collaborating on a series of content or providing support for a long-term project, we want to work together with you. By partnering with us, you can create powerful content and deliver value to your audience.

Multiple products under a single Sanbase ecosystem brand.

Within Santiment’s ecosystem, you can attract users to all products that require paid access. This includes charts with on-chain and social metrics, Sansheets models that integrate Santiment’s API with Google Sheets, and plenty more. The AI-powered social trends tool, data screener, Sanqueries, and SanAPI all have value that can enhance the user’s ability to do any kind of research they’re looking for. These products allow you to create a series of publications which showcase the value of each product separately, giving you more marketing touches and better targeting of your audience’s needs — resulting in significantly more effective marketing.

Become a member of the affiliate partners community!

Become a member of the affiliate partners community today! Let’s help each other maximize the return on our marketing efforts!

How does the referral program work?

Our referral program rewards you for referring new customers to Santiment by giving you a share of the revenue you help generate. There are a few important conditions to keep in mind: The referred user must use your unique referral link to visit the Santiment website. The referred user must be a new customer and must make a purchase without initiating a chargeback.

What is the commission model?

Our commission structure is simple: you earn 30% of all new revenue that you generate without any referral limits, and it’s a lifelong commission. As long as your referral remains a Santiment customer, you’ll earn a commission on all future plan renewals.

How much can I make per referred customer?

The revenue generated per customer is contingent on their selected plan. Below are our plans. You will receive 30% of the purchase price when your referrals make a purchase.

  • Yearly PRO Plan: $528
  • Yearly PRO+ Plan: $2700
  • Monthly PRO Plan: $49
  • Monthly PRO+ Plan: $249

Therefore, by referring 20 users to the Santiment website through your referral link and if they all purchase our popular Yearly PRO Plan, you will earn $3,168 for the first year of their subscription, at a rate of $158 per user.

If you refer five new customers to our Yearly PRO+ Plan, you could earn $4,050 per year ($810 per referral). If all five users renew their Yearly PRO+ Plan after one year, you will receive the same commission in the following year, and again if they renew after that.

Does a referred customer have to purchase a plan immediately for me to receive a commission?

A user who clicks on your referral link to visit Santiment will be eligible as YOUR referral for a period of 90 days. This allows you to earn a revenue share for any users who make a purchase during that time frame after you initially referred them.

Why is there a 2-month delay on pay-outs?

To prevent any potential fraudulent activity, we have instituted a two-month delay on reward payouts. This measure is aimed at deterring any fraudulent players from trying to take advantage of the system.

What methods of promoting my referral link are prohibited?

When promoting your referral link, refrain from using illegal or unethical promotional methods that may damage Santiment’s reputation as an honest and transparent analytics platform. Such methods include spam mailings, adult traffic, and sites that reference illegal activities.

We actually discourage advertising Santiment on branded traffic as it can be detrimental to our brand and hinder the company’s organic growth.

Can I collaborate with Santiment experts to promote my referral link?

Yes, Santiment products require skill and expertise to use properly. If you wish to optimize the use of our products for your audience, feel free to contact us. Our experts can assist you in creating content and exploring ways to enhance the value of our products.

Can I change my referral link?

Yes, you can modify your referral link at any time you please. However, remember that as an Affiliate, you can only have one active link at any one time. So multiple active links under the same profile will not work.

Does Santiment provide marketing materials for me?

You can find all available marketing materials on the marketing materials page, including banners, logos. In your personal referral account, you will also find links to various Santiment pages where you can direct your traffic.