Weekend Words: Tee Up the Intro

Make it easy for someone to say “yes” to an intro

My inbox gets swamped but my OCD does help me keep it at or near the coveted “Inbox 0.” The one thing I have noticed is that intro asks tend to be mishandled which results in myself (and others) spending a lot of time crafting connection requests.

How I Make Introductions

I use the double-opt in, where I request both parties to consent they are willing and able to engage with one another. With that, I have come to notice, context is how you drive the opt-in. Specifically, it’s about the objective: how one can be of help or benefit through the communication exchange. If you’re asking for the introduction, don’t make the facilitator do this for you — make it easy and part of your workflow.

The Format that Works

I figured it is easier to show what works. Note the subject and succinct ask in the body. All I have to do when I get this is forward it on if I think it is something I’m comfortable or able to help with. When the recipient says yes, I can just CC the requestor in.

I try to follow this format myself. The key is to remove friction and make it easy for the facilitator to fulfill your ask.